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Ready For The Final

25 May

Ready or not, it’s time for the Champions League final! Continue reading

Club World Cup and Champions League Draw

11 Dec

The team has traveled to Abu Dhabi to prepare for their first Club World Cup match on Wednesday vs. Al Jazira. Continue reading

Ready For The Champions League Final!

2 Jun

Our capi looking totally badass.

Y’all ready for this? I’m never ready for the Champions League final but I’m going to put my nerves aside and cheer my heart out for the boys. Also, mygypsyspirit is back on US soil for a (too) short visit and I consider that a good omen! (Can’t wait to see you, girl!) Continue reading

Real Madrid In Dubai, Part I

29 Dec

Satellite (9)Dang, the boys are sure making the most of their time in Dubai. I hope they’re not too tired to play tomorrow because it seems like they’ve been going non-stop since they arrived. Continue reading

El Clasico In The US: Miami Legends Cup

17 Jul

10502096_580709068708807_1082647969390356018_n With all the World Cup uproar, I completely forgot to post this. El Clasico in the US -yep, you heard that right. The Real Madrid Legends are playing the Barcelona Legends. This is going to be a fun match and a chance to see some of the greats from both sides. Of course, they had to put it on a freaking Thursday night right after I get back from England so I can’t get there. Boooo! Anyhow, check out the confirmed players thus far. My head’s kinda exploding. Continue reading

Hanging Out In Doha

2 Jan
Dude, I am so sure Xabi LOVED that.

Dude, I am so sure Xabi LOVED that. I can tell by his face.

Greetings from snowy New York where we’re at the start of what is apparently a blizzard. The wind is howling and the snow is swirling. Good times fun! Got up to watch the match this morning and see our bebe Jese score the first goal of 2014 (he also had the last RM goal of 2013)! Start as you mean to go on, Jese! While they were in Qatar, they visited the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence. Continue reading

Sunday Training, DLo Interview, Travel To Istanbul & More

7 Apr

What a day, what a day. I’m finally getting around to posting. I ended up having to go to the mall today, which was a complete horrorshow. It was ram packed, screaming toddlers everywhere and it completely sapped my will to live. I came home to my blessedly quiet apartment, face planted and slept like a log. Never doing that again on a weekend no matter how much I need something. Ugh. Here’s a bit of a catch up of today’s activities… Continue reading

Back To Work, International Duty, BWIN Clinic, Bits & Bobs

7 Feb
Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (10)

Oh hello, Sergio! Welcome home.

Mmmm, Pony is back and looking extra Sex beard-y today.  The internationals have returned to work. Oddly, Pipa has not flung himself back into the waiting arms of Albiol – he’s been hanging with Sese. Meanwhile, Kaka & Essien seem to be hanging around a lot and Essien has dragged Silvino Louro into the mix, possibly to Kaka’s chagrin. Continue reading