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Bits & Bobs: New Hats, Old Hats, Class Acts – Jakarta, Marbella, Mallorca, Brazil, Jaizkibel

7 Jul

Well apparently Sergio survived the bachelor party (hopefully Carlos did too) and it turns out that they’re all in Marbella. Here’s Sese on the beach today with his new hat. This time, he’s repping the Yankees. I’m sure at least 8 of you will have a shitfit about that. ūüėČ Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: More Kuwait, The Return Of Mr. Green Jeans & Other Social Media Fun

17 May

GF Sports had some other good shots from Kuwait. Here’s Pipa looking scrumptious and that must be Albiol’s arm next to him. He tweeted today that he was going to be back in Argentina tomorrow and sent kisses to everyone. Can’t wait to see him on June 9th! Continue reading

Keeping Up With The Gutis Part 3, Smoochy Face Pretty Boys, The Alonso Brothers Troll El Pirata, Kickstarter

9 May

Guti and Romina were at a Rosa Clara party in Barcelona looking good (no comment on what he’s wearing – she looks lovely). It seems like Guti has definitely cleaned up that monstrosity on his chin. But sad news! They’ve postponed the wedding.¬† Continue reading

UPDATED: Sergio Sings, Xabi Likes To Watch, Arbeloa Weighs In On Game Of Thrones And Guti Lounges Around In Ibiza

8 May

Surprisingly, it’s not his much wished for (by me) cover of “Let’s Go To The Mall” but Sergio posted this video of himself warbling in the studio with Canelita. Continue reading

Stretchin’ In Sevilla, Pipita’s Dulcet Tones And The Great Hipster Throwdown

10 Mar

Our fine gentlemen did their stretchies this morning at the hotel. It looks like Rui Faria has them doing the Hokey Pokey for a warm up and everyone is checking out Xabi’s form. These boys! Continue reading

Bits And Bobs: Platini Really Really Likes Us, Iker Likes Judo, Xabi Gets All Pirata On Our Arses, Cris Jr & Irina Hangin’ Out, Classy Arteta

5 Mar

UEFA grand poobah Michel Platini was at the Real-Espanyol game yesterday sittin’ with FloPeezy in the Presidential Balcony and had some nice things to say about Los Blancos. Continue reading

What I Did With My Christmas Vacation By The Men Of Real Madrid

24 Dec

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or if you’re not celebrating a holiday, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. ¬†I’m curled up now, watching movies after having a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with watishista J-9. ¬†Thought I’d do a quick post on how some of the guys are spending their holidays. Maisougio is working on a little something for y’all as well but that may not arrive for a day or so.

Cristiano, as one would imagine, is kicking back on the beach, probably maintaining that tan of his. Considering how cold it is here tonight, I wouldn’t mind being where he is right now!¬† Continue reading

Bits and Bobs: Cesc Socializing, Water Wings, Victory, Bad Hair and Transfers

22 Jun

Awkward moments on the town with Cesc Fabregas:“Hey Gio,¬†haven’t seen you since the¬†World Cup Final! Wasn’t that day¬†awesome?! Oh…um, never mind”

Cesc continues to live it up in Jakarta. He tweeted this picture of himself hanging out with Dutch ‘baller Gio van Bronckhorst. He wasn’t the only one enjoying himself today. New pix of the Torres family surfaced as well in the Daily Mail (along with Rio Ferdinand in a pool surrounded by women, but I don’t much care about that). Clickthrough for the ovary exploding cuteness…
Continue reading