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Arsenal Support Anti-Homophobia Campaign

5 Sep

Rainbow-Laces-mainAfter that last disheartening story about racism in sport, here comes a bit of good news on another front. Gay rights group Stonewall along with Paddy Power and the Gay Football Supporters’ Network have launched this year’s Rainbow Laces campaign with a little help from Arsenal. Continue reading

Think No One Is Reading Your Tweets? Think Again.

8 May

Watishista P sent this over to me yesterday and it gave me mad giggle fits. The best part is that the people who did the tweeting actually sheepishly apologized after the video was released. Hilarious.

– Lozil

A Little Socializing

8 Aug

tumblr_mr6l088J0D1so227bo2_1280I spy with my little eye someone whose name starts with “P” behind Santi Cazorla & Mikel Arteta in London. Yep, it’s Pipita proving once again that he has a thing for Spanish guys as he hit the town with Santi, Mikel & Nacho Monreal. Continue reading

Thursday Late Night Bits & Bobs

11 Jul

Nacho (1)How does this always happen? I get home from work late, eat dinner and then sit down to post – poof! – it’s close to 11 PM. I give up. Here’s a quick rundown.

First, congrats to Nacho who yesterday extended his contract with Real Madrid for an additional 4 years. Continue reading

Back To Work, International Duty, BWIN Clinic, Bits & Bobs

7 Feb
Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (10)

Oh hello, Sergio! Welcome home.

Mmmm, Pony is back and looking extra Sex beard-y today.  The internationals have returned to work. Oddly, Pipa has not flung himself back into the waiting arms of Albiol – he’s been hanging with Sese. Meanwhile, Kaka & Essien seem to be hanging around a lot and Essien has dragged Silvino Louro into the mix, possibly to Kaka’s chagrin. Continue reading

Cheery Uppy Bits & Bobs

24 Jan

BBZzqgTCQAAxXdJOn such a drama filled day, we need some cheering up, don’t you think? Marcelo kindly posted this shot with the caption “So much swag!!! #enzoboy”  These two are the best. I’ve missed regular Enzo pictures. Onward for some assorted giggles…

Continue reading

Pirata & Arteta: He Is Trying To Break My Heart

26 Oct

I’m so sure of it. Why, may you ask? BECAUSE HE CUT ALL HIS HAIR OFF AND JOINED THE NO DAMN HEADBAND CLUB. For fucks sake. I just GIVE UP. They’re trying to tank us. I just know it. Continue reading

Mazel Tov: Mikel Arteta & Lorena Bernal Welcome Son Daniel

2 Jul

Arsenal midfielder Mikel & wife Lorena have just added a second son to their family.  Daniel joins big brother Gabriel who turned 3 last month.

– Lozil

Bits And Bobs: Platini Really Really Likes Us, Iker Likes Judo, Xabi Gets All Pirata On Our Arses, Cris Jr & Irina Hangin’ Out, Classy Arteta

5 Mar

UEFA grand poobah Michel Platini was at the Real-Espanyol game yesterday sittin’ with FloPeezy in the Presidential Balcony and had some nice things to say about Los Blancos. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Mikel Arteta

29 Mar

Super sex-ay Mikel Arteta is a midfielder for Everton in the EPL. He’s also Xabi Alonso’s bestie since childhood. What the hell do they put in the water in San Sebastian?! I think might have found my next vacation destination. Mikel just turned 29 on March 26th. Belated feliz cumpleaños!