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Prep Begins For Napoli & Talking To Our Milestone Men

13 Feb

_3am2292thumbThe team got back into action and began prepping for Napoli on Wednesday.  Continue reading

Ready For Sevilla

4 Jan

_he23038thumbWe’re all set for the first match of 2017! I’m really looking forward to the match. I’ve missed these guys. Continue reading

Back To Training, Next CDR Opponent & Awards

27 Dec

gg_07_2rm1734thumbLike many of us, the team had to get right back to work today. I’m still slow moving from all that Christmas overindulgence. I’m glad I’m not a professional athlete – I couldn’t run if I tried at the moment! But I’m guessing that they didn’t go as holiday overboard as I did. I wonder if Cris had more than an ounce of pie on Christmas? Continue reading

Belated Congrats To Our Campeones!

22 Dec

_n0y0138thumbBoy, the holiday season has put everything behind schedule! I didn’t forget that we won another trophy. Hell no! Things have just been…complicated. Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of the final.  Continue reading

Catching Up Pre-Derby

17 Nov

_7am7869thumbWell. much like most of our internationals, I’m baaaaack! I survived my work conference with little to no health issues. I really wish I could say the same for our team! Continue reading

Prepping For Espanyol, Adidas Clinic, A Milestone & Some Good News

16 Sep

pepe_he12164thumb0The boys continued preparing for Sunday’s match away at Espanyol. Continue reading

Super Campeones!

9 Aug

CpcnVV0WAAEVBxRFirst trophy of the season, y’all! And being Real Madrid, we had to do it under stressful circumstances. It wouldn’t be us if there wasn’t nail biting, right? Continue reading

Portugal Wins Euro 2016, Survives Mothpocalypse

11 Jul

1468197288512Mygypsyspirit and Forzasusan will post their take on the final soon, but I just wanted to congratulate Cris, Pepe and the Portugal squad on their historic victory. And for surviving the Mothpocalypse because ew. Continue reading

History Continues To Be Made

16 Jun


(Lozil says: “hopechaser has been sending me posts over the couple of days but I haven’t had time to get them on the blog – Mea culpa!”)

How did I miss this news?! Back in April, Hong Kong’s Eastern won their first national club title in 21 years. The history part? It was a 27-year old female who coached them to the title. Booyah Chan Yuen-ting! Continue reading

UPDATED: Gareth Bales Scores Wales’ First Ever Euro Goal!

11 Jun

All the talk about Wales’ this morning here and now Gareth has gone and scored Wales’ FIRST EVER EURO GOAL off a wonderful free kick. Continue reading