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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – DIE MANNSCHAFT WEEK – Miroslav Klose & Thomas Müller

16 Dec

Thomas-M-ller-and-Miroslav-Klose-thomas-muller-13829488-475-356The wily veteran and the young upstart. I love these two bro-ing it up. I’m going to be so sad now that Miro has retired from international play and I’m sure that Thomas is too. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Gone Fishing, Jet Skiing, Shopping, Canoodling And Much More!

12 Jul

Cris posted this shot of him fishing earlier today. He looks relaxed and happy. The ‘ballers have been an active bunch lately.  If I had a season and post-season like they had, I’d probably be curled up and asleep until I had to report back. Continue reading

Germany Gets Down To It

25 Jun

Argh, I am so exhausted! Here’s another picspam catching up with Germany that I hope I can actually stay awake to post. Mesut put this shot on Facebook today with the caption “Today I was at the press conference of the DFB. On the pitch I feel better – but media relations is one of them. But now is the concentration of the match against Italy.”  We know he’s shy with the press, but he looks so pretty talking to them! Continue reading

Ah Germany!

5 Jun

Germany arrived in Poland yesterday looking all rumpled and casual in their traveling suits.  Continue reading

Trying To Catch Up: Germany

31 May

Hallo Mario!

Germany played Israel today and I’ll *try* to get a recap up over the weekend. I’m coming back from Philly tomorrow night but not until about midnight or so, which means I’m already behind schedule. Fun! Maybe on the trip I’ll have time to write one up if the gods of wifi are good to me. Continue reading

Die Mannschaft Train & Badass Around Monaco

29 May

OMG! You have no idea how happy I am to see Schweini and the other Bayern boys. He looks pretty happy too. I’m sooo excited for the tournament to start so Die Mannschaft can kick the serious arse that I know that will. Whoops! I’m being a little partisan, but they are my boos. I love Spain and I’ve supported Italy my whole life. I have a major fondness for the Dutch, but this year, I think Germany is going all the way. It’s hard when so many players you like and admire are spread across so many teams. Continue reading

Tormata Arrives, Higuaray And A Bit Of Germany

26 May

The team had a closed training this morning at the stadium in St. Gallen, but a few pictures of Tormata have made it into circulation.  Continue reading

Germany, Portugal and France Work It Out

25 May

Die Mannschaft got their work out on today as did France and Portugal. Looks like more rainy day weather for the poor Germans. Mesut is smiling and so am I. Why? Miroslav Klose is back! Whoooo! Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Miroslav Klose

10 Jun

A happy belated birthday to Miro who turned 33 yesterday. It was also a big day as we learned that he signed to Lazio!  Polish-born striker Klose had been playing for Bayern Munich since 2007.  An extraordinary footballer and one of my favorite members of Die Mannschaft, he has been capped 109 times and played in 3 World Cups. He is also tied with Gerd Muller with 14 goals in the World Cup, one less than all time goal scorer Ronaldo. He is the only player to have scored 5 goals at consecutive World Cups (2002 & 2006) and at least 4 in 3 different World Cups (he got 4 in 2010). He has scored 61 goals as a German international (to date). Also, he rocks my world.

International Friendlies: Germany vs. Uruguay

29 May

Mario Gomez, hot as ever

I’ve got to confess, I haven’t had the chance to watch the match yet. I was at a bridal shower in the morning and then went to meet up with Shiggers while she was wedding dress shopping. Today, true love beat out footy. So there will be no match report, but just a few pictures that I managed to scare up.
Continue reading