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All The Feels

4 Sep

tumblr_nu48tu8DSo1qftb6ko1_500Sese & Iker laugh it up at national team training while the rest of us weep in a corner. ::hums’The Way We Were‘::

BRB, refilling my turbo sized wine glass and there appears to be something in my eye. Yes, that’s it. Best take care of that. ::sniffle::

(Photo via GF Sports)

– Lozil

Watch Xabi Have Some Misty Watercolor Memories

5 Aug

Check out Xabi listening to the audio from La Decima and the expressions on his beautiful face as he relives the match. I wonder if he’s thinking “This is the part where I gnawed on Jese. Good times.” Gotta admit, I got a little weepy watching this.

– Lozil

Real Energy. Real Madrid. (Or The Return of Bad!Hair Benzema)

4 Nov

There’s a new Adidas spot today and while it’s awesome and motivating and all that, it also reminds us of that dead thing that was living on Benzema’s head for a few months. C’mon, Real Madrid, let Fluffy rest in peace! Can’t you digitally remove that head critter?! I don’t want to reminisce about the team’s hair Dark Ages. What’s next? Pictures of the Bleach Job of Horror? That shiz was like the Voldemort of dye jobs – it should never, ever, ever be spoken of lest it return.

(Oh, and HALA MADRID!)

– Lozil