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Christmas Videos Part 2

26 Dec

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All Set To Take Our Frustration Out On Sevilla

25 Mar


It looks like everyone is feeling the need for speed, except for Pepe. Look at that poor, little, gloved grip on the side of the golf cart! He probably would’ve jumped out if Benz was in the driver’s seat 馃槈 Given the weekend we had, it really is nice to see the boys in such good spirits. I know the smiles are helping me move on, that still doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them tear into Sevilla tomorrow!

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Post-Clasico Mondays Suck

24 Mar


How do you make Mondays blow even more than they already do? Schedule El Clasico on a Sunday. Schedule fucking Undiano to referee it. I’m going to save the cursing for the match recap and keep this space a positive one. Heee-heee-hoooo, heee-heee-hoooo. Whether we’re ready or not, the team doesn’t have a choice about moving forward and focusing on Wednesday’s Sevilla match. Those in action yesterday trained indoors, while Ancelotti had eight players on the field, plus our goal keepers, and canterano Carallo.

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Training, a Chat with Xabi, and a WTF moment with Sergio

21 Mar


Baby got kicks! Training resumed today, with a few extra faces. Cristiano & Di Maria rejoined the squad after working out in the gym yesterday and Castilla players Lucas, Llorente, & Willian Jose also trained with the big boys.

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Working for the Weekend

20 Mar


It sure is nice to see some smiles, especially as we’re getting closer to El Clasico weekend. Today was day two of training for the showdown and the good news was that Benz & Pepe rejoined the squad and will be available for Sunday’s match.


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To the Quarter Finals We Go!

20 Mar
Embed from Getty Images

With Cristiano and Morata’s combined efforts to bring us three goals, we found ourselves through to the next round of the Champions League! It was a bittersweet victory, due to Jese’s injury, but also a record breaking one; the 9-2 aggregate score set a club record in European competition. (MGEF)

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Top of La Liga and Kickin’ Ass in the Champions League

28 Feb

el smackdown madrileno

*Cue the dramatic music* Our last two matches… in two different competitions…our boys did great things and were rewarded BIG in return. El Smackdown Madrileno! Against Elche we took away the three points and did what?… Oh yeah, assumed our position at the top of La Liga! (with help from Real Sociedad, thank you!) Coming off of that high, it was time to get down to Champions League business. From what we saw on Wednesday, it looked like our boys not only wanted to do well, but also they were up for dishing out a spankin’! Ooh-wee kickin’ ass in Germany! With that, Real Madrid became the first team to score 6 away goals on German soil, in the history of the Champions League. (MisterChip) How’s that for a stat??

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Hello Copa del Rey Final!

13 Feb


Peeps, can I get an OOH-WE?? To the freakin’ finals we go! It’ll be another Clasico final, just like in 2011…when we crushed Barca AND our trophy. Ba-dum-tish! We’ve got the goods, we know how to use ’em, we just gotta keep puttin’ our stuff to work. Show us the silverware, boys!

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Make Way for the Group Leaders

13 Dec


I love this pic of our supa-stahs saluting each other with a mid-game fist bump. Our boys rocked it out in Copenhagen, they went into the match knowing they were group leaders and played to make sure they’d exit the group stages undefeated. Modric & Crissy rallied to bring us goals and a victory, while Iker guarded our goal and secured another clean sheet. Not only did Cris have a part in the victory, he broke another record, like it’s no big deal! With his goal, he became the first player to score 9 goals in the group stages of the CL, beating Crespo’s, Inzaghi’s, Van Nistelrooy’s, & Ibrahimovic’s records of 8 goals scored. Whoomp there it is.

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A Ten Man Victory

1 Dec

Gareth Bale

Ehem, who are CL group leaders? We are! Who’s made their way into the last 16? We have! Still without Commander Cris on the pitch, our boys banded together to provide an amazing, 10 man victory for the Bernabeu crowd. There was lots of pretty to be seen on the pitch that night, pretty football skills & pretty shirt removal skills (Hey there, Xabi). Check. It. Out.

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