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Perfect Family Is Perfect

30 Sep

Xabi, Nagore and their adorable children Jontxu and Ane had a lovely day out in the park. I can’t believe how big Ane is getting! And how blonde she is. The kids are as beautiful as their parents. What a lovely little family. (Photos courtesy of FY Madrid)
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Harper Continues Her Fashionable Tour Of NYC With Bonus Jontxu and Enzo

17 Sep

Yummy little Harper is rocking a baby bitchface and it’s adorable. Here’s some leftover pictures of Harper and her mummy in New York City for Fashion Week.
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17 Sep

Ah, I am soooo behind on posts. My apologies. Today I was running around doing errands and had to take the cat to the vet.  When it’s time for your pet to go in, they call out their name and your last name, so for instance “Cloe Fabregas” or “Horsey Ramos-Torres”  Well, anyhow,  the vet tech had a weird look on his face, looked twice at the sheet and then called out “Tuffy Two Shoes Goldstein.”  TTSG turned out to be a tiny (really wee, I mean, not more than 3-4 pounds) purse dog with a pink bow in it’s hair and she pranced past us daintily. The entire waiting room was stunned into silence.  After the dog and owner were safely out of range we all cracked up and couldn’t stop laughing.  Amazing. So that’s what I did with my Saturday (thus far). Now it’s time to catch you up with the wonder that is Xabi Alonso. I think staring at pictures of him is worth an entire post, don’t you?
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Updated: Bebe Day At The Santiago Bernabeu

12 Sep

Jon Alonso was in the house with mama Nagore and little Enzo, Marcelo’s son, was there with his mami, Clarisse. I love that both the boys are in little Real Madrid kits!
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As Perfect As Her Husband

21 Jul

Nagore Aranburu is impossible to hate because she’s elegant, cool and down to earth just like her hubby, Xabi Alonso.  Granted, their perfection sometimes makes one want to throw oneself off a cliff because one can’t measure up (ahem), but “one” -and I mean “me” – certainly doesn’t begrudge them because they’re just too darn nice. Glamour Espana featured an article/photo shoot with Nagore by Javier Salas. Photos after the jump.  The wonderful unamadridista provides a translation of the article. Continue reading

UPDATED: Lovely…

17 Jun

Congratulations, Raul and Alicia! I hope you had a beautiful day (and I fervently hope that some day, everywhere,  all couples will have the right to marry the person that they love, regardless of gender/orientation). xo  UPDATED: More pictures after the jump
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Lotsa Bits and Bobs…

13 Jun

Lots of little bits and bobs to share today. The Real Madrid photographers worked their “magic” again. It looks like they’re interviewing Crispy in some sort of subterranean cave. But it gets worse, oh yes, it does…
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The Alonsos Are Perfect/Crissy, No!/Does Sami Have A New Lady?/Benny Baby!

5 May

Could they be any more gorgeous?
(Picture courtesy of unamadridista)

Una had a great report of day-off activities for some of the boys (click link above for more). Nagore and Xabi took wee Jon out to watch the tennis. I guess baby Ane would get too fussy. Jon is looking more like his daddy everyday and Nagore? Beautiful. 

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