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Balls and Boots and Bangers and … Golden Tweets?

21 Jul

I’m late bringing you this as I was waiting for a Women’s World Cup all-star team to be announced first. One hasn’t been and likely won’t be. I guess FIFA just wasn’t interested in doing this anymore. Oh well. At least we still have the individual awards to celebrate and debate. Continue reading

USA – All Hail the Four Time World Champions!

14 Jul

Vive la USA! Congratulations to the USA for winning back to back World Cups and for winning their fourth title overall. Amazing records! Is America great again now? Continue reading

European Champions Make it to the World Cup Final; Sweden to Play England in the 3rd Place Match

5 Jul

It took nearly 100 minutes but the Netherlands have made it to their first World Cup Final. Considered the dark horse of the tournament, the Netherlands have demanded patience from their large group of traveling fans as they tend to wait until the last minute to finish out their matches. But patience is a virtue and the Oranje will meet the United States on Sunday for the final. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Loes Geurts

5 Jul

Foto: Andre Weening

Goalkeeper Loes has represented the Netherlands at the senior level since 2005. She has been capped over 123 times. She currently plays for Göteborg.

European Champions Send Brave Italy Home

1 Jul

First things first – this match was HOT. So hot that both coaches requested that the match be moved into the later hours of the day, especially since there was no night match being held that night. Sadly, but not surprisingly, FIFA said no. However, both teams had to handle these scorching temperatures and they did have two “cooling breaks” so while it wasn’t great for either team, neither team had it worse than the other. Continue reading

Netherlands claim the last quarter-final spot

25 Jun
Embed from Getty Images


Japan dominated, especially in the second half, but just couldn’t find a way through to beat Netherlands. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – WWC 2019 Group E – Sherida Spitse

23 Jun

Midfielder Sherida has represented the Netherlands at the senior level since 2006. She has been capped over 165 times. She currently plays for Vålerenga.

Group E – Round 1 and 2 Roundup

22 Jun

We did not forget about Group E! I promise! I said I wouldn’t cover any games unless Christine Sinclair scored. Reasonable. Why else am I here except to celebrate my home country and slight everyone else in their group?! Come on. I kid! You should know me better than that. I love and respect everyone. Continue reading

Netherlands top Group E while Sinclair nabs her first goal in France

21 Jun

1-8-2. Beep. 1-8-2. Beep. 1-8-2. That’s goal 182 in the record books for Christine Sinclair. And while she keeps deflecting and saying she’s not keeping track or dwelling on it, here’s how I think she should be celebrating: Continue reading

2019 Women’s World Cup: Group E Preview

24 May

Just call this the mulligan. New Zealand, Netherlands, and Canada are reuniting once again at the group stage after battling it out together four years ago. Cameroon slides into the final spot, hoping to better their 11th place finish from their debut in 2015. Continue reading