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Final Training Before Santos Laguna

5 Aug

Real Madrid faces Santos Laguna tonight at 11 PM Eastern (ugh, I’m gonna be so tired tomorrow). The boys had their last training before the match. Hopefully, we’ll get some travel pictures later. Continue reading

Pipetti Is So On!

3 Aug

And everyone knows it. Even RealMadrid.com had this shot on their front page today. So who’s going to sit Albiol down and tell him? And for that matter, Arbeloa? He seems to have turned into some Pipita quote collecting fanboy lately.  They shouldn’t have left Pipita alone for so long because he needed to fill his bromance void. They won the Euros but lost the boy. That means that they can reunite now, right? RIGHT?!

Wishin’ & Hopin,


Cheeky Bastard! (In More Ways Than One)

1 Aug

“Sorry I stole your man. C’mere, lemme give you a consolation hug!”

Oh Pipita! You are just incapable of keeping your hands to yourself, aren’t you? (photo via @snoozology). You’re truly bucking for the bromance whore title of Real Madrid. I think you’ll win it hands down.

– Lozil