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Quick Friday Catch Up

29 Jul

_HH21071Thumb,0Man, has it been a busy week. Between work and watching history happen before my eyes, I haven’t had much time to get posts up. I’ve been so out of it, I completely got the day of the PSG-RM game wrong and was all pissed when I couldn’t find a stream. Oh well. Perhaps not the result we would have wanted. Congratulations to Castilla Muppet Babies Febas, Mariano, Enzo and Achraf who made their first team debuts!

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Catching Up: Training, Fixtures, New Kits and Birthdays!

15 Jul

Satellite (4)Well, the pre-season prep is heating up. Pre-season starts officially tomorrow. Lots to catch up on! Marcelo & Dani were the first to get back to work on Wednesday. Continue reading

Thanks For The Nightmares, Juve!

10 Jul

Don’t know about you but I find clowns hella creepy. Juve decided to traumatize us all by not only having creepy clowns in their new kit unveiling video but also by setting aforementioned clowns’ faces on fire. Even the presence of Claudio “Behold my bedroom eyes and chiseled cheekbones” Marchisio doesn’t make this any less horrifying. Gee thanks, Juve! As if I needed another reason for insomnia. At least Morata, Llorente and Gigi weren’t involved. I don’t need to equate Buffllmo with nightmares. That would be a big ol’ BuffllNO. ::shudder::

– Lozil

Launching The 2015-2016 Kits

15 Jun

Satellite (11)Oh y’all, I had some funny commentary planned about the kit pictures, but it’s after 10 PM, I just got home from work and my brain is completely fried, so it’s just going to be a big ol’ picture dump. I will say this though – I think the new slogan (Only Perfect Counts) is completely douche-tastic and exactly the sort of pressure that this team doesn’t need. It’s sadly true though. Continue reading

Thursday Training Session & Our Possible 2015-2016 Kit?

16 Apr

1The preparation for Saturday’s match against Malaga continues… Continue reading

Personally, I Need A Recovery Session After Yesterday’s Match

2 Oct
"Whooo! We made it through by the skin of our teeth!"

“Whooo! We won by the skin of our teeth!” Yeah and don’t pull that shit again, capisce?

The team had a recovery session (and hopefully a stern talking to) after yesterday’s suckage in Sofia. Our dragons was draggin’ and that’s about as polite as I can be. Continue reading

New Wear It or Fear It Commercial

1 Oct

Adidas released this new cartoon commercial Tuesday for Real’s Yamamoto kit, and it’s pretty good. My fave part is the cutway for Marcelo’s chest volley. I thought for a few seconds the song was “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” which put an odd spin on the visuals. Thankfully, I was mistaken. 🙂


1994 Called. They’d Like Their Denim Back

12 Sep

Napoli1Napoli revealed their third kit today and I don’t have many words for this. I’m quite literally speechless. It’s denim. ALL denim.

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How To Wear Your Dragons

26 Aug

Satellite (1)The egg has hatched y’all. Meet our new FODs* (Fathers of Dragons) The presentation of our new Champions League kits took place today at the Presidential Box of the Bernabeu. Continue reading

Jerseys That Show Some History

25 Aug

espnw_navysoccer_576I have to thank hopechaser for sending this article to me and trusting it in my lazy hands. Okay, not that lazy, but my lord it’s been a crazy week. I have to confess, I have not watched footie since the the UEFA Super Cup win. I know! I’m a really bad fan. Let’s just say I’ve been distracted (right now Lozil and Mandi are somewhere rolling their eyes and giggling).

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