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Super Copa Time! (And More)

19 Aug
Looking VERY good, Karim!

Looking VERY good, Karim!

The team is off to the Cuidad Real Madrid residences to chill out pre-match.  Continue reading

The Birthday Boy, Training, Zizou At The Helm & Enter The Dragons

16 Jul

GBaleBirthday boy Gareth was given a cake today and congratulated by his teammates and the staff. The mothership also made him a birthday video including that goal. Continue reading

No Fear Here – Bring On The Pink!

3 Jun

BpOLeRiIcAAKBn0The day of the launch is upon us and pink it is (we’ve known this since mid-December but now it’s official). I like the dark lipstick pink of the kit. I thought it was going to be more in the range of Pepto-absymal. Shigs has given the color a thumbs up, so in my book, that’s all it needs for legitimacy. Continue reading

Some Very Quick Bits & Bobs

29 May

I’ve had some real life stuff that I needed to focus on over the past few days, so apologies for the lack of posting. Here’s just a few goodies. First up, the Behind The Scenes video for the Red One/Real Madrid collaboration. Continue reading

In The Pink

26 May

pink 1Remember back in December when we were talking about the rumored pink kits for next season? Well, the mothership pretty much confirmed it with the launch of the pre-order campaign. “No one can be neutral?” You don’t say! Continue reading

Nando-ed Up In Blue

7 Apr

Chelsea’s launched their 2014-2015 kit with the “Forever Blue” campaign which means we get to see plenty of players being subjected to all sorts of whimsy. Remember the blue body paint last year? This year, they made blue statues out of the players’ most memorable Chelsea moments. Which means they had to cover them in plaster. FUN! There are two “Behind The Scenes” videos after the jump.

Continue reading

Copa Del Rey Time & More

18 Dec

627-338-_CA_0680Thumb,8Today has been so busy, I’ll be lucky to get this post finished before kick off! Continue reading

Real Fan. Real Energy. Real Madrid.& It’s Samba Time!

6 Nov

Remember when we had our third kit launch? Well, here’s a little video of the Adidas contest winners who got to meet Marcelo, Benz & G-Money. I can’t believe they didn’t take advantage of Karim’s special skill set and let him take that elevator selfie! Continue reading

Real Energy. Real Madrid. (Or The Return of Bad!Hair Benzema)

4 Nov

There’s a new Adidas spot today and while it’s awesome and motivating and all that, it also reminds us of that dead thing that was living on Benzema’s head for a few months. C’mon, Real Madrid, let Fluffy rest in peace! Can’t you digitally remove that head critter?! I don’t want to reminisce about the team’s hair Dark Ages. What’s next? Pictures of the Bleach Job of Horror? That shiz was like the Voldemort of dye jobs – it should never, ever, ever be spoken of lest it return.

(Oh, and HALA MADRID!)

– Lozil

UPDATED: Orange You Glad There’s Two Other Kits So You Don’t Have To Buy This One?

12 Sep
"We are so obviously being punished."

“We are so obviously being punished.”

Wow, they look super enthusiastic, don’t they? Sorry I’m getting to this so late – long day at work. The new kits are very…orange. I like orange, don’t get me wrong, but that is A LOT of orange. Shigs will be delighted – it’s her fave color, but seriously, isn’t that a bit too much…ORANGE? Continue reading