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Real Madrid Goes ASMR

2 Jan

Oooookay, I didn’t really expect that. Nivea has posted a trailer for an ASMR campaign that they are doing in conjunction with Real Madrid. It will be coming later in the year and you can vote (further down the page) on which character’s film you want to see next: security guard, physiotherapist, greenskeeper or player. If it were up to me, I would just have a perpetual Sergio Ramos ASMR. Can you imagine? The snap of a headband settling into place, the brushing of his hair (it’s getting longer!), the clank of a large Gucci belt buckle, the grunt of exertion as he tries to wiggle into skin tight green jeans, the spritzing of manly cologne, the creak of leather on an overpriced leather Frankenjacket, the jingling of his car keys as he leaves for the mall, the chonk-chonk of his bedazzler as he works on a new ball cap… It would be a beautiful thing. 2020 is already looking up.

– Lozil

Luka, James, The Baby & Dani Get Ouchie With Nivea

23 Apr

Nivea created another funny commercial with our guys – this time for their new Protect & Care deodorant. Enjoy!

– Lozil

Marcelo, Isco, Gareth & Dani Get Manly For Nivea

9 Jun

Watishista hopechaser linked me to the last Nivea for Men commercial and I nearly peed my pants laughing. Dani Carvajal + a chainsaw + a stoic background wolf, FTW! Check it out for all the lumberjackin’, arm wrestlin’, tornado chasin’ action!

A much needed laugh today. Thanks, girl!

– Lozil

Last Training Of The Season & More

16 May

7It hard to believe that end of the season is really here, isn’t it? It’s been a loooooong time in some ways and in others, just a blip. Continue reading

The Boys Get Sensitive

14 May

Well, for Nivea. Here’s the teaser with Marcelo, Carvajal, Isco & Lady Edith followed by a 20 second clip which features G-Money. Continue reading

Hey Zladies!

7 Feb

Nivea for Men is using PSG & Zlatan for their French campaign. In this one, Big Z shares some digits and looks pained when spraying on deodorant. But shirtless Ibra is nothing to sneeze at. Hey Zlatan, can you get me Seb’s number? Because he looks pretty damn good without a shirt as well. There’s another clever ad from the campaign. Continue reading