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A tired Norway is out; England on to the Semis

1 Jul

This was not the game I expected. I thought that this would be a hard fought match. However, the Norway we saw against Australia was not the Norway that showed up here. (And to be honest, that exhausting game may well have been the reason for Norway’s performance.) It’s a shame for many reasons. But the one reason I want to mention is that this result may give England a false sense of confidence. Yes, they won 3-0. However, their play continues to be sloppy and their defense is questionable. They just have been lucky that they have not had to pay for their iffy play. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Elise Thorsnes

28 Jun

The group stages Drools are over but we are going to keep going as the teams progress.  Forward Elise has represented Norway at the U17, U19, U20, U23 and senior levels. She currently plays for LSK Kvinner.

I Hate Penalties!

26 Jun

I don’t care who is playing. I don’t care what event it is. I don’t care how even the match is. I hate penalties. I hate them. It’s a lousy way to end a match. Period. I hate them. Continue reading

South Korea show their skills while Norway still struggle for an identity

20 Jun

The last time Norway and South Korea met was waaaaayyyyy back in 2013 with Norway getting the win. The last time these two teams met in a World Cup was 2003 which Norway won 7-1. Norway pulled out a win this time too though not convincingly. For me anyway. Perhaps for you too. Continue reading

France qualifies for the Round of 16 following a squeaky victory over Norway

15 Jun

NICE, FRANCE – JUNE 12: Norway players celebrate after their team’s first goal during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France group A match between France and Norway at Stade de Nice on June 12, 2019 in Nice, France. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

France’s intent to tire out their opponent’s defense right from the first whistle seems to bearing fruit. Attack. Attack. Attack! Norway coulda / woulda / shoulda won this match but there’s something holding them back. No, it’s not VAR. But it’s something and I can’t quite get a handle on it. Continue reading

Norway’s controlled play bests Nigeria’s passion in Group A action

9 Jun

You may have doubted me when I said Norway was more than “the player who shall not be named.” They are. You may have doubted me when I said I love the pain involved with watching Nigeria. I am pained. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – WWC 2019 Group A – Norway: Maren Mjelde

6 Jun

Defensive midfielder and Norway captain Maren has been representing her country at the senior level since 2007. She currently plays for Chelsea.  Fun fact: Her brother Erik plays for Sandefjord.

2019 Women’s World Cup: Group A Preview

29 May

And we’ve finally reached Group A or as I like to think of it, the coin toss group. This is the group where one reckless play, one bad move, one poor referee decision could very well decide the entire group. France are obvious favourites given their host country status and stacked national team. Nigeria are long overdue for international football joy and so too are South Korea. Norway are eager to get back to their best from decades ago while batting away the player shadow the media keeps casting on them. There are, however, some large “buts” associated with each of these teams which could prove ruinous or fortuitous. Continue reading

Play Like a Girl: SheBelieves, Algarve, and Cyprus Cups

10 Feb

1471474930699It’s almost March which means it is time to get ready for the Triwizard’s Cup of women’s football once more. But, not really. Over a 9-day period in March, three (3) tournaments are taking place in Cyprus, Portugal, and the USA for 28 national women’s football teams. Which is sorta like a Triwizard-esque event. But, again, not really. :^)

Cyprus Cup
Officially, the Cyprus Cup runs February 27 – March 9 though matches are taking place March 1 – 8 only. Unlike its companion tournaments, this Cup holds a group stage to determine group positions based on points followed by one day of classification matches to determine final rankings.

The twelve invited teams are split into three (3) groups. The participating teams are as follows, along with their current FIFA ranking:

Group A
Belgium, 25; Italy, 16; Korea DPR, 10; Switzerland, 17

Group B
Austria, 24 (current champions); Korea Rep, 18; New Zealand, 19; Scotland, 21

Group C
Czech Rep, 33; Rep.of Ireland, 34; Hungary, 40; Wales, 36

There are no announced broadcasts at the moment, though there was one stream available last year for the final.

4197lAlgarve Cup
Taking place March 1 – 8 in Portugal, the Algarve Cup is in its 24th year of operation. This year’s tournament should be a hotly contested one, with top EU teams gearing up for UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 in Netherlands in July.

The twelve invited teams are split into three (3) groups for a round-robin tournament with the winner determined based on the standard points systems. The participating teams are as follows, including their FIFA ranking:

Group A
Canada, 4 (current champions); Denmark, 15; Russia, 23; Portugal, 38

Group Two
Iceland, 20; Japan, 7; Norway, 11; Spain, 14

Group Three
Australia, 6; Sweden, 8; Netherlands, 12; China PR, 13

Eurosport has broadcast this tournament in the past; a search for this year’s schedule has proven fruitless thus far.

canadavencealgarvecupSheBelieves Cup
Is the unofficial slogan for this year’s SheBelieves Cup, “she persisted”? If not, it really, really should be. Timely and extremely relevant when it comes to women’s football. I highly encourage anyone able to attend any of these games to consider some signage.

Four of the top 5 FIFA-ranked teams are involved again this year: France (3), England (5), Germany (2), and the USA (1). This tournament is also a round robin, with the winner determined based on the standard points system.

Games are taking place in Chester, PA (March 1); Harrison, NJ (March 4); and Washington DC (March 7). Tickets for all the games are available through USSoccer.com.

It looks like Fox Sports will be airing the USA games only. French broadcasters D17 and Canal + Sport along with the BBC picked up all or some of the other games last year. Hopefully they will do the same this year.

160309-wnt-vs-ger-gallery21If anyone is going to any of these tournament, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment below or connect on Twitter @hbandsandhbreak.


The Daily Drool: Erik Mjelde

24 Sep

erik-mjelde3Midfielder Erik currently plays for Sandefjord. He has represented Norway at the U21 level. Football runs in the family – his sister Maren Mjelde plays for the Norwegian Women’s National Team.