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The New Guys Meet The Fans/Iker Makes A Dream Come True

14 Sep

::gushes:: “I just loved you in Downton Abbey! Mom, take our picture!’

Luka Modric and Michael Essien met with the fans tonight at the NH Central Convenciones hotel in Seville, where the team is basing themselves during their time there. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Null Null!

9 Sep

Careful, Null Null! Iker’s going to want to borrow that shirt.

He hasn’t been with us long but let’s join in wishing Lady Edith a happy 27th birthday! Feliz cumpleanos and welcome to the family.

UPDATED: Back To Training, Bits & Bobs Including A Pirata Memory

30 Aug

The boys got back to work today. Me? I’m just struggling to keep from falling into a funk. It’s hard to believe that we won a trophy last night by beating Barca and I’m in this crap of a mood. The Pirata transfer upset me even more than I expected, our Champions League draw is total Group of Death and work has sucked completely. Ugh.  Anyhow, I’m gonna post a a few things and hope that by the time the transfer window is over and I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be in a better mood. So, yeah, training… Continue reading

Modric’s First Interview With Real Madrid TV

28 Aug

Just in case you haven’t gotten with the “all Null Null, all the time” agenda from the mothership, here’s his first interview. I’m sure that the furor will die down in a couple of days as he settles into the team or some new transfer drama kicks in at the last minute. Helicopters at dawn! Let’s go! 😉

– Lozil

Training, Concentracion & So Much More

28 Aug

What’s caught your eye, Pipita? Looks like it’s Mesut.

The last training before the Super Copa final took place this afternoon. New dad Pepe was there along with new signing Modric (aka Null Null aka Nullie).  Continue reading

More Of The Modrics

27 Aug

I found some more pictures on Daylife from Luka’s presentation and presser. There’s some great pictures with his whole family including his mother and of course, lots of little Ivano! Continue reading

Modric Gets Right To Work And Other Bits & Bobs

27 Aug

Modric didn’t waste any time – he got busy immediately.  Poor El Pirata. He looks stunned by a blunt  object in this picture (well in several of them). More midfield competition for him.  Continue reading

Welcome Null Null!

27 Aug

Here’s some pictures from Modric’s presentation at the Bernabeu today. There’s some great shots of him with his family (all photos via Daylife). Continue reading

It”s Official: Luka Modric Comes To Real Madrid

27 Aug

Thankfully ending a seriously annoying transfer saga, it’s been announced that Luka Modric has signed a 5 year deal. He’ll be presented at the Bernabeu this afternoon. You can read more about him here. Welcome to the family, Null Null!

– Lozil


Updated: So I Guess This Means Some Sort Of Announcement Is Imminent?

21 Aug

These links on the Real Madrid website are being passed around Twitter like hot potatoes right now.  I just want this transfer shit to be over, quite frankly.

Updated: There is some suggestion that this may be fake, but if so, someone did MAJOR work to get it to correspond to the mothership so well. Hats off to them.

Update 2: Apparently not a fake. The profile has now been changed to say Null Null which is causing all sorts of hilarity on Twitter. Heck, @NullNull16 already has a Twitter account and is trending. Go over and search for Null Null and you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

– Lozil