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Cristiano On The Mound

31 Jul

Real Madrid's Ronaldo throws the ceremonial first pitch before the Interleague MLB baseball game between the Yankees and the Dodgers in Los AngelesCris threw the first pitch tonight at the Dodgers/Yankees game. Dodger Yasiel Puig, a huge CR7 fan, was chosen to catch the pitch but sadly, it was high and outside. Still better than Carly Rae Jepsen though! Continue reading

Cristiano To Throw Out First Pitch At Tonight’s Dodgers-Yankees Game-

31 Jul

cris dodgersI was going to post this as part of my Bits & Bobs post, but since that’s slow going, I thought I’d get this up first since it’s happening tonight.

– Lozil

Progress! Manchester City – Chelsea At Yankees Stadium Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow

24 Apr

Yankees StadiumWatishista P got in touch the other day to give me the heads up that Yankees season ticket holders were going to be able to buy individual tickets to the match starting today. I promptly forgot to post it what with baby arrivals, head shavings and Champions League arse whuppings. Luckily, watishista Mariko reminded me in the comments this morning. Starting tomorrow, the general public will be able to purchase tickets to the individual match. Here’s the link for ticketing. Still no individual tickets for the Spain vs. Ireland match (sigh), but hopefully, that will happen soon. I’m keeping my eyes open…

– Lozil

Another Ticket Clusterfuckorama

22 Apr

oy 2
So for those peeps planning to see Manchester City/Chelsea or Spain/Ireland at Yankees Stadium, there’s still no news as to when individual match tickets go on sale. As it stands now, you must buy a ticket bundle, which means you have to attend both games. But now they’ve added a new wrinkle to make it even more annoying. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong, Pirata Presser Translation And More

21 Jul

Remember how I was whining about a hangover earlier? I couldn’t have been more wrong. 3 glasses of sangria doesn’t give you a sore throat, sweats, chills, a fever, body aches and a stuffy nose. I’ve got some sort of bug. According to a friend, it’s been going around. Lucky me. I canceled my hair appointment and spent almost the entire day asleep except for occasional meals. Ugh. I have a Chelsea/PSG ticket for tomorrow, I need to at least get well enough to go to that. I guess I’m just going to stay in bed until the last possible second tomorrow.

Sami was definitely having more fun than I was today, posting this shot with two starfish. PUT ‘EM BACK, SAMI!  Continue reading