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It’s Official: Andrea Pirlo Joins NYC FC (In Typical Pirlo Fashion)

6 Jul

We all knew the announcement was coming but now it’s official. I love this man so much. “Yes Pirlo, Yes party.”  I can’t even with his awesomeness. Continue reading

Transfer Rumors: Andrea Pirlo To NYC FC?

3 Jun

BtD9ZPxIEAExfaiWhen watishista Dr. P mentioned this to me earlier, my squeals must have deafened my colleagues. Continue reading

Erm, Arsenal? Please Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs

31 May

Mazel tov to Arsenal for winning the FA Cup again, but oh lordy, this sets the Cringe-O-Meter to overload. That said, Per, Ramsey & Koscielny certainly are game. Bless. (It’s still not as bad as that wretched NYC FC song) Oh and Mesut? One thing I need to say to you… Continue reading

Villa, What Are They Doing To You?

4 Mar

Well, it’s been unveiled and it’s even worse than I expected. This is just…poo. Continue reading

Villa’s Ill Advised New Foray Into Music

3 Mar

So, if you’re looking for reasons to NOT support NYC FC, here’s one. This is just a teaser of the full song  “All The Way” which will be released tomorrow and people, it is dire. It sounds like bloody Tubthumping. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?!  When watishista mygypsyspirit sent me that link last night, I almost peed myself laughing.  And to make everything even worse: Villa’s hair situation. Continue reading

King Bitchface von Sex Beard, Style Icon

21 Sep

Vanidades, a popular Spanish language women’s magazine, named David Villa as their Icon of Style Award for Sports this past Thursday. Ahh……unexpected, right? Continue reading

David Villa Explores Columbus Circle, Flaunts His Distressed Denim To A Distressed Public

30 Jun

King Bitchface von Sex Beard says he’s “Getting to know my new home…” and apparently that means hanging around outside the Mandarin Oriental. If you’re trying to keep a low profile, Villa, I suggest posing a less well known & easily identifiable location. Continue reading

It’s Official: Welcome To New York, King Bitchface Von Sex Beard!

3 Jun

10387833_238043819726294_1243353568_nWork and other real life crap has been keeping me to drive by posting lately so I’ve got a bumper crop of stuff to get up on the blog. Here’s the first one…

When I got home on Sunday night and saw the 5 1/2 minute video that Guaje made for Atleti fans to say goodbye, I knew that it was just a matter of time before NYC FC announced signing him. I didn’t have to wait long. Continue reading