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ESPN Body Issue – HELLO Omar Gonzalez And Megan Rapinoe!

10 Jul

In keeping with showing my love for the US Men’s National Team, I had to share these stunning photos of Omar Gonzalez. The photos are from ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue. Continue reading

Wednesday Night Bits & Bobs

10 Jul

That awkward moment when you meet the guy you named your dog after.

An eagle-eyed cule (Photo by @barzaboy) spotted Messi & Cesc chatting with Isco in Ibiza and thankfully, snapped a picture. Ha!  I can see it now: Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Brazilians, Birthdays, Bebes, Bonding, Booty And More

12 Sep

Here’s some bits & bobs from the last few days. Brazil spanked the ever lovin’ crap out of China 8-0 on Monday (ouch). The team posted lots of pix the past few days, mostly of them celebrating Oscar’s 21st birthday and hanging out. Doesn’t Marcelo look badass in that shot? Continue reading

Bits & Bobs On A Monday Night

3 Sep

Mesut posted a picture of him and Sami heading off to Hannover for international duty. They must be excited to get the hell out of Madrid with Sadgate going on. So a few of you are asking what I think about all this and as I said before, it’s all put me in an extremely foul mood. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Oguchi Onyewu

5 Apr

Mmmm, hello there Gooch! Mr. Yummy Pants is a defender for Twente in the Dutch Eredivisie (on loan from Milan). He’s also on the US National Team. Check out his fabulous nakedness…

Continue reading