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UPDATED: It’s Official: David Villa WILL NOT Play In The Euros

22 May

ARGH! According to the RFEF, he’s not doing as well as expected. I’m really bummed to hear this although I knew it was a strong possibility. Please accept some new La Roja pictures as a form of (admittedly weak) consolation.
UPDATED: Villa just announced it on his Facebook saying “Hello friends! I’ve tried, but after finding that the evolution in the last trainings was not expected, I can’t be 100% to play the Eurocup. This afternoon I called the coach Vicente del Bosque to tell him. It’s the honest thing I could do. I wish the best to the Spanish National Team and I will continue working to return to play as soon as possible with Barça and Spain! Thank you very much to all of you for your support! Cheers.” Continue reading

Watishista News Flash: Problems Commenting On WordPress Blogs

15 Mar

Some of you have been experiencing issues commenting here at HB & HB. I did a little detective work (thanks to watishista Em for giving me the heads up) and it turns out that WordPress decided to “update” the commenting system and didn’t bother to announce it in advance to blog owners. Would have been nice to know, guys!  Anyhow, here’s the skinny: Continue reading

Oh Really?! Mou In London

28 Feb

Mou was spotted on the Kings Road in London by several people today and get this: BBC 5 Radio Live presenter Ian McGarry reports that he was house hunting. Continue reading

Oh Man, It’s Worse Than I Thought

10 Jan

I thought the outfit was bad before until I found this close up at the guti_haz-luvahs LJ and damn, Guti. Someone seriously needs to burn that sweater, stat.

– Lozil

Almost 7,000 Fans Attend Open Training Today

6 Jan

Okay, who is the jokester who pulled his snood over his face here? I know some of you will be able to identify him by boots alone (or in watishista Emily’s case, by his calf muscles!) but I’m in between meetings and don’t have time to compare boot photos right now.  If it was a rear view, I’d have it in one. Anyhow, today RM hosted an opening training session for lucky fans who got to watch the boys practice and if they were extra lucky, get a picture or autograph. There were almost 7,000 attendees who waited in long lines (well worth it in my humble opinion). Continue reading

Sepp Blatter, You Enormous Douche!

16 Nov

Noted FIFA dickhead Sepp Blatter is at it again. He’s declared that there is “no racism” in football. Oh really? He also suggested that players settle racist incidents (you know, the ones that don’t happen) with a handshake. To which I only have one thing to say:
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HB & HB Emergency Preparedness

26 Aug

As you may or may not know, HB & HB Headquarters is in Brooklyn, NY and we have a hurricane bearing down on us even as we speak. Computer models have it possibly hitting NYC directly. This would…not be good. Anyhow, just so you know, I may be out of the loop for a few days, post-storm in case of power outages. I’m preparing some Drools in advance for you but there will probably not be a match report and other content as of Saturday night/Sunday morning when the storm is due to hit us. That said, my fearless partner in watishing!, Maisougio is thankfully out of harm’s way in Detroit, so she can pick up the torch if HQ should experience technical angst. Just wanted you to know the deal.  To all my East Coast peeps, please be safe and check in to let me know you’re okay once Irene has gotten out of your area. Max the cat and I are hunkering down in Brooklyn and riding it out.  We do have 2 nearby evacuation shelters if worse comes to worse so we should be fine. We’ve stocked in all the necessities and added chocolate and booze to the list. Good luck all!

Bebe Iker The Fashionista

12 Aug

Found these over on Umakoo’s tumblr and they are much too good not to share. See Iker emote, pose with a farm animal, wear mandals (and I’m pretty sure – white man clogs with black socks), sport a suit without a shirt and a murse and look…wait for it…emo!  Like he doesn’t do that all the time…
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Threatened Players Strike

11 Aug

Oh dear. A players’ strike may be on the horizon. Here’s a couple of articles that surfaced this afternoon.  This looks potentially serious and could delay the season kick off.

Spanish football players threaten strike
By Al Goodman, CNN

August 11, 2011 9:40 a.m. EDT

Madrid, Spain (CNN) — Football players from Spain’s top two divisions vowed to go on strike at the start of the season if the team owners don’t provide “guarantees” that hundreds of players who are owed back wages are actually paid, the players association announced on Thursday.
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Boooo! No Open Practice in Philly!

12 Jul

Bah humbug! I contacted the Philadelphia Union to find out if there would be an open practice on Friday or Saturday before the game and got an email back this afternoon. Unfortunately, I was in a meeting at the time and loudly said “BUGGER!” and everyone turned to look at me. I made some sort of lame excuse that I’m sure didn’t fly as I was staring at my Blackberry at the time.

“Unfortunately, due to Real Madrid’s strict travel schedule there will not be an open practice prior to the match on July 23rd. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Say it with me now: “BUGGER!”  I am highly inconvenienced by this! I think the whole team should make out with me and maybe, just maybe that would heal the pain.