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You Know What’s Not Hot? This.

17 Jun

Okay, I’m a long reformed smoker (I quit before I’m sure some of you were born) and I realize that it is a personal choice and I know that he is a grown ass man no matter how Bambi-like he looks. However, I gotta say, the next time I see Ozil, my absolute favorite player, out of breath or unable to play a full 90, I’m going to be looking askance at him. Your body is a temple, boo. An out-of-this-world talented one, may I add. Why on earth would you do something that would harm it and make you less efficient at playing the game you love?! Ugh. Not loving this in the slightest. Hey, I’m sure Real would splash out to get you some smoking cessation hypnosis, you know. Give it some thought, would you?


Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

2 Apr

I’m not ready to talk about the game just yet. Not by a long shot. But I have to tell you what happened post-game. First, I’m going to take a quick minute to appreciate Manu’s abs because that’s about the only thing I can appreciate about him today. JAY-SUS. Anyhow, I left the pub in tears and proceeded to the grocery store to pick up some Ben & Jerry’s and beer so I could drown my sorrows. As I was paying, I saw the cover of the New York Daily News. “TERROR TEACH!” it blared. It was the cover story about a Brooklyn art teacher who allegedly made remarks that she was going to “settle some scores” and threatened some Columbine action at the school. She was arrested yesterday. What did she choose to do her perp walk in, you may ask?

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Sergio & Arbeloa: Raiding Each Other’s Closets?

18 Mar

Remember our disgust at this hideous outfit of Sergio’s? Well, either he gave those wretched jeans to Arbeloa or they raid each other’s closets. Seriously, if you were going to raid Sergio’s closet, better you took the famous green jeans and mandals than these monstrosities!  Absolutely repulsive.

(Arbeloa screenshot courtesy of this post by unamadridista)

Ugh! Utterly disgusting jeans and with a bright yellow jacket to boot. I don’t even want to know what shoes he chose to go with this ensemble. Why can most footballers not dress themselves?! They should let Xabi and Nagore dress the whole damn team every day (and let us undress them every damn night)! Who is with me on this?

UPDATED: Speaking of Heroes…

13 Feb
Boy, what a game today! It was a stressful nail biter from start to finish. Of course all the drama started right off the bat…

Can you believe this bullshit?!

Iker was given a red card and sent off at 1:45! I thought Callejon made a rather blatant dive, but judge for yourselves:

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