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Palate Cleaning Pipita

28 Jan

tbarWith all the dramz swirling around us, I thought we should look at something pleasant to take our mind off it. Enjoy Pipita’s fabulicious thunder thighs, courtesy of higuainismo. And the video after the jump made me burst out laughing. I think we need a good giggle tonight, don’t you? Continue reading

Glory Glory Lozil’s Dunzo!

22 Mar

I can’t believe it! I’M DONE! (Unless I tanked one of these classes and have to take it over, but heaven forbid) GRADUATE SCHOOL IS OVER! My graduation ceremony isn’t until mid-June, but classes are finally over. My presentation kinda sucked. Dropped and scrambled my notes midway through and rambled a bit, BUT SCREW IT, I’M DONE! Continue reading

UPDATED: Wa-tish! Corner: A Little Late Afternoon Pick Me Up

1 Mar

Today has been flat out nuts with back to back meetings. I needed a bit of a pick me up, and I figured you might too,  so here’s a little Ramos booty for y’all.

And remember how Mesut’s shorts were near falling off the other day? Well, I guess we’ve now answered the “how low can they go?” question… Continue reading

Potential Real-Inter Match In NYC This Summer?

7 Feb

New watishista Alice just emailed me this article and I shrieked so loud I woke Max the cat from his slumber. If this happens, it would be amazing! Fingers, toes, etc. crossed. Thanks for passing this on, Alice – welcome to the gang! 🙂

A Real Madrid-Inter Milan match-up could happen in the Bronx this summer
By Michael Lewis
BigAppleSoccer.com Editor

When they say “Play Ball” at Yankee Stadium this summer, it could very well be for a sport other than baseball.

A big-time international soccer friendly could wind up at the Stadium in July or August if negotiations turn out right. Continue reading

New Mesut Ozil LJ Community!

25 Jan

Just wanted to give you a heads up about this! With the demise of the o_ozil LJ community which was shut down abruptly and without warning, I was worried that there wouldn’t be a place for all the Mesut-y goodness that I’m used to seeing. I shouldn’t have been! Beloved and awesome watishista! jenny_jenkins stepped into the void along with the equally cool sashatwen and soccergirl63 to start a new community, crinkly_ears! Jenny is an avid chronicler of my boo and provides wonderful translations as well. She’s been archiving posts that she made in other communities since last year, (luckily) so there’s lot of great info. She also is active in modding the Sami Khedira community (which definitely deserves a look see as well). Girlfriend knows her Die Mannschaft like a book. Anyhow, swing on over, introduce yourself and wish the ladies luck on their new venture. It’s set up to be a participatory community – don’t be afraid to contribute. There’s a fun intro meme going on right now, so Mesut fans get your tushies over there! Here’s their userinfo and their welcome post. Enjoy!

– Lozil

A Madridista’s El Clasico Prayer

9 Dec

sumrndmgrl created and posted this over on LJ based on an idea about laminated El Clasico prayer cards from lady_azalea. It’s absolutely brilliant! I’m printing this puppy out and taking it with me tomorrow.  HALA MADRID!

Hells Yeah He Is!

2 Dec

Not only is he The Special One, according to Rolling Stone Spain, he’s also Rock Star of the Year. And he’s our Rock Star. Hala Madrid!

The Bernabeu Gets Its Interactive On…

15 Nov

My tech dork heart jumped in my chest when I saw Real Madrid’s plans for technology innovation at the stadium.  I cannot wait to see how they integrate it all and what apps they come up with. (Excuse my geek fangirling  but my Masters is in Learning Technologies so this is right up my alley.) Read onwards…
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“Brother, Wanna Thank Your Mother For A Butt Like That”

1 Nov

Salt N’ Pepa must have been envisioning future Pipita booty when they wrote that one. He had a little competition from none other than the lovely Nando today.
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Tributes To One Sweet Ass Goal

28 Sep

Maisougio will have her awesome match recap coming up and I don’t want to spoil that, but RealMadrid.com had press quotes about Crispy’s hella scorching beaut of a goal yesterday that I had to share. That baby was enough to make you weep – TEAMWORK!
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