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Miami Nights

6 Aug
You've got balls, Edith?

You’ve got balls, Edith!

Hi gang, this is going to be super quick. I got home from work late, ate dinner and then got a call telling me that I need to sub for a colleague doing a presentation tomorrow. One that I haven’t yet written, so it’s going to be a late one. Continue reading

Thursday Night Bits & Bobs

19 Jul

Oh, Karim.

I just even know what to do with him at this point. Here’s some quick bits & bobs before I hit the hay. Click on the galleries after the jump to scroll through the photos & captions. Continue reading

4th of July Bits & Bobs

4 Jul

859ef434e4bc11e287c922000ae904e6_7Toby Holden West donned his 4th of July finery and what better way to start this holiday post? For all of my fellow Americans, I hope you had a great day. Me? I had a day of epic sloth to make up for how chaotic things have been lately. I turned down every invite I got and spent the day enjoying some much needed alone time reading & watching movies. IT. WAS. BLISS. Back to work tomorrow though. Continue reading

A Quick Bitsy Bobsy Post

13 Jun

tumblr_mo90qtbQEf1qa3jw0o1_500Oh people, what a day I had! I was an hour late for work due to some sort of subway police drama and my 20 minute one train commute turned into about 90 minutes and FOUR trains. UGH. Then I spent the morning on conference calls followed by an epic 5 hour straight meeting. To say my brain is fried doesn’t cover it. So I thought I’d post a few quick pictures of some of our faves. Who better to start with than Marcelo? Continue reading

The Torres Clan Heads To Ibiza

30 May

tumblr_mnm81geJk81s3xw7ko1_500The summer exodus to Ibiza has begun! Nando & Olalla are kickin’ back and getting some sun (and hopefully using 85 SPF). Only a few pictures of Leo & Nora right now, but looking forward to seeing more of this adorable family. Continue reading

Wednesday Training, Lots of Goodies & Leo Torres Falls On His Bum Some More

22 May

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (4)Spring has sprung and our sexy croissant is throwing flirtatious looks around (and for once, they’re not into his own camera phone). Continue reading

Who’s ready for some Torres bebes?

19 May

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Chelsea v Everton - Stamford Bridge

Chelsea wrapped up their season today, with both goals scored by these two hubba hubbas! Chelsea beat Everton, 2-1, and finished 3rd in the league. Congrats to them & yay for us, because the Papa Nando bust out the bebes to celebrate. Prepare for the adorableness that are Nora & Leo. Continue reading

Training, Xatty Xabi & Sergio, a Bebe, a Retirement, & more

16 May


We’ve got less than 24 hours to go until the FINAL kicks off! Training done? Check. Interviews & pressers done? Check. Tucked in at the hotel? Check. Freaking out? Check. Hopefully that last one is happening only on our parts, we need cool, calm, & collected boys who are ready to kick some ass tomorrow. I want to see big goals, a big win, and a big celebration! Make it happen boys, we need that trophy!

Continue reading

Foxy McBadass

25 Mar

tumblr_mk7oknJbRO1qk9r5vo1_500Here’s 2013 Most Watish-able Tishie winner Fernando Torres looking super fine in Tenerife with a fan. He’s obviously there with Olalla, Nora and Leo as you can see from the toy truck he’s adorably lugging. He looks great with the slicked down hair and aviators. Sergio would walk into a wall if he saw him. Day-um!

(Photo from cocotorres via gfsports)

– Lozil

Here Are Your 2012 Tishie Winners!

20 Mar

whip1I guess we need to design some sort of golden whip award for next year. Thank you to all the people who participated in the inaugural version of The Tishies! Whether you came up with a category, made hilarious comments and/or voted, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for all your patience with the speed bumps we encountered while trying this out for the first time. We’ll try to iron everything out for the next year and without further ado, here are your winners! Continue reading