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Monday Bits & Bobs

1 Jul

tumblr_mp96s9pZz81r6ibubo1_500Work again has kept me from updating until quite late. Bah humbug! Pretty much all anyone was talking about today was the Confederations Cup. How about that goal line clearance from David Luiz? EPIC. Here he is carting Enzo around. Too much adorable for one picture.  Continue reading

A Quick Bitsy Bobsy Post

13 Jun

tumblr_mo90qtbQEf1qa3jw0o1_500Oh people, what a day I had! I was an hour late for work due to some sort of subway police drama and my 20 minute one train commute turned into about 90 minutes and FOUR trains. UGH. Then I spent the morning on conference calls followed by an epic 5 hour straight meeting. To say my brain is fried doesn’t cover it. So I thought I’d post a few quick pictures of some of our faves. Who better to start with than Marcelo? Continue reading

Updated: Bits & Bobs: Icky Mouse, Deafening Fangirl Screams & More

12 Jun

1371058040_extras_noticia_foton_7_1I know Shigs would take one look at all these pictures of Kaka with America’s favorite rodent and say “Icky Mouse” as sure as I’m standing here.  Speaking of, I had a lovely time with with watishistas Shigs, P, forzasusan & Baby Girl last night at the Spain vs. Ireland game. It was a drive by for me. I pretty much arrived and hit my seat right before the national anthem and tore out of there right after. Week night games suck.  Ireland did a great job much to the delight of forzasusan. I spent a lot of time sneaking peeks at Nando bitchfacing non-stop on the bench.  He did bust out a big grin and a hug for Robbie Keane though. Continue reading

Prepping For The Clasico, Mou Interview, Bits & Bobs And La Roja Call Ups

5 Oct

This is just going to be another quick post and for that I’m heartily sorry. I got news about an hour or so ago that a dear friend was rushed to the hospital with a blood clot. We almost lost him, but thank god, he’s stable now. As soon as I can leave work (another hour from now), I’m tearing up to the hospital to see him. I’m waiting for some calls back on some stuff that must be done today so I can’t go just yet. It sucks that I can’t get out sooner, but taking a few minutes to update the blog is calming me down a bit. If I was just sitting here twiddling my thumbs, I’d go mad. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Presser, Squad List, Concentracion, Some Things Never Change And We Finally Get A Look At Omer Sahin!

18 Aug

The boys had their last training today before kicking off the La Liga season tomorrow against Valencia. The mothership gifted us with this pump up video.  Mesut actually says something besides “Soy muy feliz!” Continue reading