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David Beckham. In His Underwear. That Is All.

30 Jan

Sometimes, no words are really needed. Some things are just understood. David Beckham in his underpants is that and then some.

– Lozil


21 Dec

Absolutely no idea what this was for, nor do I care. I’m in love with sultry young Nando and his still-can’t-make-him-butch black eye. 33 seconds of jaw dropping beauty. I did note that both the wedding and Sernando promise rings are on. Olalla and Sergio: SISTER WIVES, FTW! (Video courtesy of the wonderful daviniatorres9, headquarters for all your Nando perving needs!)

– Lozil

Oh You Beautiful, Beautiful Man!

5 Oct

Absolutely nothing to say here. There’s no need. It’s Raul. Pure, simple and beautiful. I hope you enjoy staring at these shots (courtesy of itszuqaqipu) as much as I did.
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