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When Gareth Met Crispy And Other Tales

12 Sep

tumblr_msynsnd0M91sbj3p3o1_1280Gareth arrived for his first real day of work yesterday looking for all the world like a schoolboy starting freshman year. Backwards cap? Check. Backpack? Check. Except it all probably cost bank. Continue reading

Preparing To Say Goodbye To UCLA

5 Aug

_Entrenamiento_UCLAHope everyone had a nice weekend. Forzasusan and I had the pleasure of meeting watishistas Rose & Julia yesterday at Met Life Stadium. Sadly, it was brief as we were between matches but really awesome, nonetheless. Maybe we should plan some sort of HB & HB meet up. Perhaps for the Clasico? The boys are finishing their time at UCLA and will face off against Chelsea (and Mou) in the ICC final on Wednesday night. Bring on the dramz! Continue reading

Welcome To The OM, Bitch*

28 Jul

El_Real_Madrid_llega_a_Los_Angeles (17)And by “the OM”, I of course mean “Orange Madridistas” Yep, Los Blancos have arrived in Los Angeles. I find it pretty hilarious that Sergio is alone in all his pictures. Guess no one wants the second hand embarrassment of being seen with him right now. Lest you think our reaction is over the top, Sergio’s shite hair trended WORLDWIDE on Twitter today. World-fucking-wide. That is some bad hair, people.

Continue reading

Hair (So Very) Apparent

25 Jul
Presentaciýn_de_la_segunda_equipaciýn_del_Real_Madrid_2013-14 (25)

“What do you mean by ‘what’s wrong with your hair?!’ My hair is perfect!”

Please forgive me for getting this post up so late, but I’ve been sitting and staring at these pictures from our new away kit launch for hours trying to figure out what I could possibly say. I’m truly at a loss about Karim’s barnet. It looks like someone took a crap on his head. I’m serious! And the worst part is that they exposed innocent children to that montrosity during a Q & A session.  Let’s take a look at it up close, shall we? Continue reading

Fear Of An Orange Planet And More

23 Jul
Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (26)

Pipa ain’t havin’ it.

See? This is what is going to drive Pipita screaming directly into the arms of Napoli: excessively orange teammates. Continue reading

Wednesday Training And More

17 Jul

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (1)The Baby came out and trained with the team for the first half of the session before returning to the gym. It was so great to see him again especially since it’s being reported that Xabi will be out until at least October. We need all our players healthy and back on the team. There were also visitors over the last two days. Even though those players who were in the Confederations Cup aren’t due back until July 28, both Iker and Sergio stopped by to meet with their new coach. Sergio reportedly got in a workout as well.

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4th of July Bits & Bobs

4 Jul

859ef434e4bc11e287c922000ae904e6_7Toby Holden West donned his 4th of July finery and what better way to start this holiday post? For all of my fellow Americans, I hope you had a great day. Me? I had a day of epic sloth to make up for how chaotic things have been lately. I turned down every invite I got and spent the day enjoying some much needed alone time reading & watching movies. IT. WAS. BLISS. Back to work tomorrow though. Continue reading