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Chelsea’s Spanish Quartet

8 Oct


You’re pretty much guaranteed a good time when footballers are got together to do something for their fans and thanks to Chelsea TV, we get this little gem of a special featuring  The Blues’ Spaniards. Lozil gave us the heads up for this footage a few days ago when she posted Juan Mata’s pic and now we have the full video. Check out Nando looking gorg, the Sexy Carebear’s teasing & SINGING, and sweet moments from Oriol & Cesar. Catch the second part after the jump! Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: When Ikers Troll And More

4 Oct

Geeker & Doce hit the playground

Dear Job That Pays Me So That I Can Afford My Internet Connection,

Why you want to make me work so hard and keep me away from the important things in life like posting pictures of hot men or recapping footy games? PRIORITIES, LEARN THEM.

Love, Lozil

So yeah, busy again. It’s going to be this way until November 15 and just get worse the closer we get to that week. So I’m doing yet another drive by.  Lots of Iker today! Continue reading

Uh Oh! Nando Hissy On The Horizon

30 Aug

Juanin just heard that his bestie Pirata is moving to London. Apparently so did Nando from the look on his face. Oriol knows the shit is about to hit the fan and is staying the hell out of it. Is Tormata’s ship about to sink?

Somewhere in a mall in Spain, Sergio Ramos smiles maniacally to himself while perusing the racks at Fashion Bug for brightly colored skinny jeans. His plan had worked.

– Lozil

The Daily Drool: Oriol Romeu

4 Apr

20 year old defensive midfielder Oriol plays for Chelsea where a few of his teammates have decided that he’s the best looking. I love that brooding, dark eyed look. Very sultry. He’s played on Spain’s U17, U19, U20, U21 & U23 teams.

Only His Hair Dresser Knows For Sure…And Now We Do Too

3 Apr

Nando got his hair did by celeb stylist Leo Bancroft. He’s uber-blond now, isn’t he? Continue reading