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Wednesday Training & More From The Galaxy 11 Crew

14 May

12The boys got themselves in some rather acrobatic positions today. Iker was hopping mini hurdles while Casemiro & Illara practiced their high kicks. Continue reading

Oscar For Calvin Klein Underwear

14 May

article-2626920-1DCDBBA800000578-453_306x523Chelsea’s Oscar Emboaba is the latest footy player to rep Calvin Klein underwear. I’m all in favor of stripping off especially when you look like Oscar. Continue reading

UPDATED: Sometimes, Swear Words Are The Only Option

28 Apr

largeSo much to say but quite frankly, some things about this whole episode leave me speechless or more accurately, unable to express myself with anything other than a steady stream of swear words. Continue reading

Nando-ed Up In Blue

7 Apr

Chelsea’s launched their 2014-2015 kit with the “Forever Blue” campaign which means we get to see plenty of players being subjected to all sorts of whimsy. Remember the blue body paint last year? This year, they made blue statues out of the players’ most memorable Chelsea moments. Which means they had to cover them in plaster. FUN! There are two “Behind The Scenes” videos after the jump.

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Arrival, More Awards, Some Bits & Bobs

9 Jan
Bromantic Lion strides forward, led astray lamb in background.

Bromantic lion strides forward victorious, led astray lamb visible in background.

Well, looks like Pips has conquered his latest quarry and left him in the dust. Cruel! Heartless! (But super foxy).

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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: David Luiz/Oscar Emboaba

9 Dec

tumblr_ma79uirNBc1qbtho3o1_500These two Chelsea & Brazil National Team cuties have an enormous amount of fun together – they just adorable! Brazilian bebes in London, ftw! Continue reading