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Bits & Bobs: Concentracion, Call Ups, Model SBs, Amigos!, Kittens!, Pirata & For Shame, Cesc Fabregas

30 Sep

Behind as ever, that’s me! Anyhow, the match is less than 2 hours away and I’m just catching up on posting, thanks to the evil neighbors who decided to roll home at 2 AM and throw an impromptu party in their backyard, waking me up. I finally shrieked out the window at them around 3 am and they shut up. However, I didn’t fall back asleep until about 6 AM so I’m a bit out of it. Arseholes. Do they not realize that I have to post pictures of hot footy players for an international audience? PRIORITIES, LOUD NEIGHBORS! LEARN THEM! Continue reading

UPDATED: A Wee Bit More La Roja Before Bedtime (Bonus Marcelo!)

6 Jun

Watishista mumblo alerted us to the fact that Sese tweeted a new picture of his hair. It looks like he may have taken a bit off the top, THANK GOD. Looks much, much better.  I hope he’s not teasing us and it’s just wet down or something. Continue reading

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Oscar Ribot Leaves Real Madrid

31 May

Just saw this on Twitter and from the amount of details this person is posting, it seems to be true. Apparently Oscar Ribot has left his position as Real Madrid’s Press Officer after 3 years and is starting an agency representing players. He will be replaced by Carlos Carbajosa according to the poster. Oscar is a close friend to many players on the first team and I’m sure he will be missed. Best of luck, Oscar! I’m sure we will be seeing more of you.

– Lozil


Bits & Bobs: More Kuwait, The Return Of Mr. Green Jeans & Other Social Media Fun

17 May

GF Sports had some other good shots from Kuwait. Here’s Pipa looking scrumptious and that must be Albiol’s arm next to him. He tweeted today that he was going to be back in Argentina tomorrow and sent kisses to everyone. Can’t wait to see him on June 9th! Continue reading

Mou & Pirata’s Presser

24 Apr

Again, my apologies for being so behind on stuff today. I grabbed all the pictures earlier, but didn’t have time to get them on the blog. Continue reading

Last Pre-Clasico Training Session, Presser, Out To Lunch

20 Apr

Sorry for being so late with today’s update. I was in meetings all morning and this is the first break I’ve had all day. So, it’s that time again. How did El Clasico sneak up on us so quickly? Sigh. The boys looked in high spirits during training, so that’s good! Continue reading

Pre-Clasico Training/Rumblings In The Press

23 Jan

I’m very sorry to say that Albiol has not cut his hair as I thought. Look at that mess on his head. What is he thinking?! Does he not miss Arbeloa? All the papers are going on about team unrest. I think that pelt is the cause. People are obviously taking sides. There’s only one problem in the locker room these days: Albiol’s hair.

As we’ve probably all heard, there was a story in Marca (grain of salt taken) which supposedly was a leaked conversation between Sergio and Mou.  Sid Lowe wrote an article about it and the whistles when Mou’s name was chanted yesterday and he makes it seem like a done deal that there is major problems with the team. Not sure if I believe that either. Continue reading

NOW It All Makes Sense…/Reina Bebes/Iker Gets The Posting Bug

16 Dec

Ah, now we see what this Bieber business was all about! Nando’s lovely wife (and Sergio’s sister wife) Olalla was also there with what looks like two younger, clearly overwhelmed female relatives.  You can see Olalla videotaping them a bit later. It’s very sweet, isn’t it? I still think that Nando snuck in an autograph for Sese…
Continue reading