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Los Angeles brings out Los Goles in Los Blancos

4 Aug

I can’t believe I missed this match! A late dinner with my besties ran over into this fine goal-fest of a pre-season meet up with the LA Galaxy, grrrr luckily the food and company was worth it. Needless to say, I’m very happy the boys did well, they always do well in LA…it must be all the sunshine, palm trees, friendly peeps that get them going (hometown shout out 90041!) or I guess it could be, you know, their talented selves that effect their game. Ah well let’s get to the piccies, they’re purty! Cris thighs, Becks, & shirtlessness, oh my! Continue reading

To Cibeles!

3 May

Get ready for a loooooong post, because there are a lot of pics & screen caps to see! I’m enjoying looking at these pics more than watching the live stream….because I spent most of that time being jealous as hell of everyone in the plaza 😛 Continue reading

Party Plane Leftovers

3 May


How did you guys like the bus celebrations?? Our boys made me tear up!…damn Champions soundtrack 😛 While I organize all the pretty pics, enjoy these vids from the plane ride back to Madrid last night. Arbeloa get’s his Madrid Idol on, Sergio busts a move, and the rest of the boys look absolutely adorable & lit! HAPPY MAN! HAPPY MAN! I YAM HAPPY MAN!! Continue reading

UPDATED AGAIN: From the Final Whistle to the Airplane! -To Madrid!

2 May

These pics are absolutely wayyyy too gorgeous to be saved for the game post, so enjoy!!!! Continue reading

Los Blancos are in the House!

2 May

We’ve got about 30 minutes left and it’s ON! The boys look ready to do what needs to be done today(WIN WIN WIN!), check out some more pics & the starting eleven. Continue reading

The Boys get to Trainin’

1 May

There were lots and lots of smiles at training today as the team made their final preparations for tomorrow’s match against Bilbao. Jogging, check. Stretching, check. Drills, check. Thumbs up, shorts hiked up, making bromance partners jealous, check check check! Continue reading

Munich Recap

21 Apr

I think the match in Munich polarized people, you either loved it or hated it and I certainly didn’t hate it. I found the fight both teams put up was extremely entertaining, I even found myself in awe of some of the skill coming from Bayern…then I smacked myself, of course! No doubt we saw some defensive mistakes on our part, but I don’t believe team completely botched things up either. We still have a fair chance at winning this thing, maybe even an advantage by finishing it off at home. We’ll need to get the goals in early next week, so I’m sure we’ll be in for a treat when the boys open up a can of whoop-ass for the 2nd leg! *I hate that this post is coming so late to you guys, so I apologize. It’s been a not so fun couple of days &  I wanted to get these pics to you before it’s all clasico everything tomorrow. That game post will be on time.* Continue reading

Merry Christmas, enjoy the Cendeer!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Good Morning…erm Good Afternoon/Evening to our Watishistas everywhere!!! Why the question mark you ask? Who am I to neglect the element of surprise? 😉 Digital prezzies after the jump… Continue reading

We’re Group Leaders Muddafuggas!!!

24 Nov

*Sigh* I love putting these posts together, even though they make me super jelly…I wanna grab Pipa’s juicy ass!! 😥 But way to go Benz! And way to go all of our amazingly awesome boys!! Group leaders holla! But first off, Lozil’s post made me a little teary so Im going to take this moment to say how thankful I am to share these laughs, ooh’s & ahh’s with all of you. A year & some ago, Lozil & I were just sending crazy pervy messages back & forth. I never knew how meaningful all this would be to me, Im still get giddy when I see big comment numbers 😉 And Lozil, I wouldnt want to share HB&HB with anyone else because you absolutely ROCK! Thanks to all of you Watishistas for reading and sharing with us. You guys make this blog my happy place. Happy Thanksgiving everyone & enjoy some good grub! Now lets look at some fine ass pics of our boys kicking ass…cuz I got to get to cookin’ soon! Continue reading

A little pick-you-up

19 Sep

Still getting over yesterday? Yeah, me too. Here are four pics that have healing powers…behold!

Continue reading