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Erm, Arsenal? Please Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs

31 May

Mazel tov to Arsenal for winning the FA Cup again, but oh lordy, this sets the Cringe-O-Meter to overload. That said, Per, Ramsey & Koscielny certainly are game. Bless. (It’s still not as bad as that wretched NYC FC song) Oh and Mesut? One thing I need to say to you… Continue reading

Mertesacker Emptiness

29 Jul

I posted this earlier today on my Facebook page and I’m still laughing hours later so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Replacing the lyrics of the Manic Street Preachers’ “Motorcycle Emptiness” (from 1992’s brilliant Generation Terrorists) with the names of German footballers is nothing short of genius. How on earth did this come about? Continue reading

Think No One Is Reading Your Tweets? Think Again.

8 May

Watishista P sent this over to me yesterday and it gave me mad giggle fits. The best part is that the people who did the tweeting actually sheepishly apologized after the video was released. Hilarious.

– Lozil

adidas Gamedayplus | Making the UEFA Champions League Finale Ball

10 Feb

The adidas football channel had this interesting little bit on how the Champions League final ball was made. Thought I’d share it… Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Per Mertesacker & Mesut Ozil

5 Dec


These two go back quite aways – they played together at Werder Bremen, with Die Mannschaft and now, at Arsenal. The towering Per loves to skmoosh itty Mesut with his huge hugs. Continue reading

Thursday Late Night Bits & Bobs

11 Jul

Nacho (1)How does this always happen? I get home from work late, eat dinner and then sit down to post – poof! – it’s close to 11 PM. I give up. Here’s a quick rundown.

First, congrats to Nacho who yesterday extended his contract with Real Madrid for an additional 4 years. Continue reading

A Few Bits & Bobs: Coach Zizou, Video of Yesterday’s Training, Olympic News, Scooby Doo Face And More

30 Jul

It was announced today that Zizou will be working with the academy’s youth teams while he works on his coaching qualification. Continue reading

Germany Gets Down To It

25 Jun

Argh, I am so exhausted! Here’s another picspam catching up with Germany that I hope I can actually stay awake to post. Mesut put this shot on Facebook today with the caption “Today I was at the press conference of the DFB. On the pitch I feel better – but media relations is one of them. But now is the concentration of the match against Italy.”  We know he’s shy with the press, but he looks so pretty talking to them! Continue reading

Ah Germany!

5 Jun

Germany arrived in Poland yesterday looking all rumpled and casual in their traveling suits.  Continue reading