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A Wee Giggle Before Bedtime

28 Jul

tumblr_mqmjw7OGyN1soflgdo1_1280I couldn’t end the evening on the sad note of the last post. Hopefully, this will be a little mood lightener. Watishista pinpanpamm posted this on Twitter and I cracked up. I especially like Phil Jones – perfect use of his gurning! And of course Cristiano has the big gun. 🙂

– Lozil

Updated: Sunday Bits & Bobs, Part I

7 Jul

58c70deae58c11e2a5bc22000a9e2899_7Okay, by opening with this Kaka in China shot, I’ve just assured that Shigs will not read the post ever. Girl, think of it as ripping off the Bandaid quickly. There’s more Kaka within, but I’m getting it out of the way first.

This is what happens when you basically take a weekend off from posting. Tonight will be a two post mammoth bumper crop of photos. Please bear with me as its more or less a photo dump. The weather here is too bloody hot and I’m too tired to do much more. All I can say is thank god for air conditioning otherwise, I’d be a puddle on the floor somewhere. Without further ado here’s A-L of the Bits & Bobs! (Updated to add pictures of Enzo, Guti, Antonella & Thiago. Please note Guti has a terrible hat on. Enzo does not) Continue reading