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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – PIPITA WEEK: Pipetti

19 Dec

646b2cc0d91311e1886622000a1cbad2_7Here’s a little example of the bromantic overlap if you look at yesterday’s Pirate Booty. Pipita has a thing for canteranos (can you blame him) and he has very good taste in Calleti! Continue reading

Pipetti Is So On!

3 Aug

And everyone knows it. Even RealMadrid.com had this shot on their front page today. So who’s going to sit Albiol down and tell him? And for that matter, Arbeloa? He seems to have turned into some Pipita quote collecting fanboy lately.  They shouldn’t have left Pipita alone for so long because he needed to fill his bromance void. They won the Euros but lost the boy. That means that they can reunite now, right? RIGHT?!

Wishin’ & Hopin,


Bits & Bobs: In The Swim, Fro-tastic, Olympic Hi-Jinks And More

30 Jul

Finally, I can get to the bits and bobs! (There was a lot to catch up on today). Alvaro Arbeloa treated us to photo evidence of a 25 meter race between Sergio & Fabio in their tighty whities. I hope more pictures like last year’s surface. So, who won? Continue reading

Second Training

29 Jul

Hooray! The second training pictures have surfaced and boy, are there some good ones in here. I’m particularly loving this one of Cris. His thighs are killing me not so softly. Continue reading