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Pipita: Shakin’ (Massive) Ass & Breaking Records

18 May

13248610_10209285876853469_8689946830046995902_oWatishista/Napoli fan extraordinaire Maria Rosaria is over the moon that her beloved Pipita broke a 66 year Serie A scoring record. I’m right there with her! Hala Pipita! Continue reading

Invasion Of The Booty (I’d Like To Be Snatchin’)

14 Nov

PipitaWatishista and Napoli fan extraordinare Maria Rosaria sent me this picture of Pipita roaming the streets of my fair city. What a nice thing to wake up to! Continue reading

The Blancos Keep Rolling Along…

14 Aug

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (3)While the internationals were off doing their thang, the rest of the team got right down to work preparing for Sunday’s season opener against Betis. Continue reading

Friday Training, Sir Bobby, Don Alfredo & The President Of Guatemala

15 Feb

Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (7)I took some time off to chill yesterday – hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day. The team took the day off as well, so it seemed to be an opportune time for a break. They returned to work today in preparation for Sunday’s match vs. Rayo Vallecano.Absolutely no idea what Marcelo and Lady Edith are up to in this shot because I’m completely distracted by Pipita’s butt (and thunder thighs).

Continue reading

Happy 2nd Birthday HB & HB!

16 Jan

age-2--pThanks to watishista NadeenAlk who remembered that today is our official second birthday! I had thought of it earlier in the month but with the office move and all the changes at home, I completely spaced!  Continue reading

The Booty’s Back And It’s Better Than Ever, An Ikerview, The World’s Ugliest Couch And More

19 Oct

Hello Pipita Applebum!

Damn, that boy’s arse is spectacular! Well, I’m finally home from work and I’m going to sneak in a quick post. The team trained today (one more tomorrow) along with the returning Pipa, his bum, Fideo and bebes Ríos, Álex, Lucas, and Jesé. Continue reading

Quick Bits & Bobs: A Day Off, Lots Of Posing, The Thigh Master, Breakfast Music & A Manpile

25 Sep

Super quick post – it’s been a hectic day and now I have to race off to celebrate the birthdays of watishista Dollo & watishisto El Fano.  So excited to see the whole gang!

Los Blancos had the day off and Sergio went into the studio to watch his buds Miguel Poveda and Manuel Carrasco record a duet.  Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Leave Pipita Alone!, First Team Pix & Nando The Supermodel

15 Aug

Our Pipita Applebum got mangled not once, but TWICE in the first half of the match against Germany today. LEAVE PIPITA ALONE! (Was this hit arranged by Sami to keep him from moving in on Mesut?) Continue reading

Training, Potential Berserker Rage On The Horizon, Flexibility Is Veddy Veddy Nice Indeed

7 Apr

Woof! Hello, Pipita Applebum. Nice to see you again.

Los Blancos trained again today in advance of tomorrow’s Valencia match (which I thought was today – lucky my Easter brunch is set for earlier in the day tomorrow). Continue reading

Pipita Applebum, You Gotta Put Me On*

29 Nov

OMFG! Arbeloa takes matters into his own hands and gets a big ol’ handful of Pipita’s shelf booty. Ah, that lucky, lucky man! Even luckier?  Us. Because gh20siempreargentino screencapped the exchange and captainfabfro made an awesome gif. Rock stars! Thank you for sharing the bounty of the booty with us all. I love how Pipa just kinda casually slaps Arbeloa’s hand away. I have the distinct idea that he must be used to people feelin’ on his booty. I mean, if that was there in front of you, how could you keep your hands off it? Continue reading