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Happy Birthday Pipita!

10 Dec

Argentina-s-Gonzalo-Higuain-ta_54409980744_54115221154_600_396Although you and your luscious ba-donk are far away from us, I know that watishista/Napoli fan extraordinare Maria Rosaria is taking very good care of you. Happy 27th birthday you glorious hunk of scoring, bromancing, bootylicious man flesh! We miss you.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

3 Dec

napoli-ssc…and by that, I mean it’s time for Napoli to release their annual calendar. Remember last year’s Pipita sushi extravaganza? Continue reading

G-Money Returns, Halloweeny & Color Me Shocked! (NOT)

2 Nov
"Oh shiz! Gareth is back. What are you going to do with James?!"

“Oh shiz! Gareth is back. How are you going to break it to James?!”

It’s been quite a weekend! We handily won our match and now sit atop the table. Huzzah!  And Gareth rejoined the group today, which is great news. The 6 outfield players who didn’t start worked out with Gareth while Marcelo & Cris trained on their own. We have a Champions League match against Liverpool on Tuesday. Continue reading

1994 Called. They’d Like Their Denim Back

12 Sep

Napoli1Napoli revealed their third kit today and I don’t have many words for this. I’m quite literally speechless. It’s denim. ALL denim.

(Uh oh, watishista/Napoli fan extraordinare Maria Rosaria is going have a bone to pick with mygypsyspirit! – Lozil) Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Matías Vecino

24 Aug

Matias Vecino2Attacking midfielder Matías currently plays for Cagliari on loan from Fiorentina. He has represented Uruguay at the U20 level. In this picture, he kinda reminds me of a younger, less beefy Pipita esp. around the eyes.

The Daily Drool: Giancarlo González

5 Jul

Defender Giancarlo plays for MLS side Columbus Crew (along with Pipita’s brother Federico Higuain). He has represented Costa Rica at the U20 and senior levels.

World Cup 2014: Argentina Ships It!

11 Jun

I was just about to go to sleep when I saw this little bit from the Daily Mail. Argentina’s roommate list was leaked and it’s got some famous bromantic pairs represented. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – World Cup 2014 – Italy: Lorenzo Insigne

29 May

Lorenzo+Insigne+Italy+Training+Session+Press+LtB9CJoYj3AlWinger Lorenzo plays for Serie A’s Napoli. He has represented Italy at the U20, U21 and senior levels. Watishista Napoli fan extraordinare Maria Rosaria refers to Lorenzo as “Wrap Guy” for his tendency to jump up and wrap his legs around Pipita’s waist when he scores. Nice to see that Pipa’s milkshake is still bringing the boys to the yard!

Sami Returns To The Roster, A Cringeworthy Moment & A Trophy For Pipita, Calleti & Chori

3 May

Um, Sese, you should be talking to him about the beard not the hair.

First off, thanks for all the kind words. I’m doing okay today. Pretty achy but spent most of the day resting and sleeping. Staying off my feet helps. I have a cane now (thanks to San Shigs who brought that and a pizza ’round last night) so I’m going to try to hobble the two blocks to my local tomorrow to watch the match. We’ll see how that goes.  Continue reading

Training & Valentines

14 Feb
Someone's gonna get sued by Bale.

Someone’s gonna get sued by Bale.

I’m so pissed! I thought the match was tomorrow so I scheduled something for Sunday morning that I now can’t get out of. DAMN IT! I’m going to miss the first half. Sigh. So anyhow the team trained again today for the dang match on Sunday. ::pouts:: Continue reading