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Here We Go! Spain vs Italy!

10 Jun

Ah, I know, I know, a picture of an empty stadium and no pretty mens. But look at the sky, it’s a beautiful day for a match! Ok, the goodies will be coming at ya after the match, which kicks off in less than 45 min. Here are the lineups. Continue reading

La Roja Workin’ For The Weekend

6 Jun

We’re only two days away now!! AHHHHHH!!! La Roja got to holding their first training session in Poland today, with equal parts working hard & hardly working…just how we likey. Or maybe you don’t care about training right now & all you care about is how Sergio’s hair is holding up. Well I can assure you its lookin’……it’s lookin’ um….well it’s lookin’. Continue reading

The Euro 23

27 May

The list is out! VdB said he wished he could bring all his men to the Euros but….obviously he can’t, which leads to a little sadness. I think some maybe deserved to be on the list a little more than those who did, but let’s see who’s going. Continue reading