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Partido x la ilusión Pix

28 Dec

Here’s a few pictures from Iker’s charity match tonight.  In addition to players (Granero, Miguel Torres, Reyes, Hierro and Cannavaro, etc.)  celebrities such as Alejandro Sanz, David Bustamante, Sergio Garcia, Hector Barbera and Alvaro Bautista participated.

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Photobomb!/Hotness In Bad Fashion/Plain Ol’ Hotness/Guti’s Future

15 Dec

Oh boy! Facebook was full of silliness today. First off, Iker posted this picture of him and Aitor Karanka with a slightly crazed looking El Pirata photobombing them in the background. It’s probably for his show of self-portraits at a gallery in Madrid’s equivalent of Williamsburg.  The words “culturally referential,”  “irony,” “semiotics” and “deconstruction” will feature heavily in the artist’s statement. (You know, sometimes I think that life that I’ve made up for El Pirata in my head is probably a lot more interesting than his reality. Poor Esteban, I do tease you so, but that’s what you get for taking a Moleskine journal to the beach, babe!) Continue reading

Training, Tomes, Twitter and Toothless Tunes

1 Dec

I have to give my thesis presentation in an hour and I’m freaking out hardcore, so I thought I’d try to ease the stress by making a little post here to take my mind off things. I’ve been a basket case all day going over and over things. Either I know it or I don’t by now!  A whole bunch of nonsense to be had today. Our boys (including Cris! Hooray!) were training hard and looking good.
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Valencia: What Does It All Mean?

19 Nov

What do you want to bet that he’s got some obscure graphic novel tucked inside that folder? The RM Facebook page added a couple of behind the scenes pictures of the concentracion. Continue reading

Mou’s Contest/Los Blancos Training

14 Nov

First up, Mou’s giving away a signed shirt on Real Madrid’s Facebook page! The contest ends Sunday, November 20th and the information is as follows… Continue reading

Another Real Madrid Training Day Picspam

11 Nov

Meanwhile, back in Madrid, the players left behind trained again with Real Madrid C. The delectable Nuri Sahin invites you in with a saucy wink…
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While The International Cats Are Away…

10 Nov

…the Madrid mice are playing. There’s plenty of El Pirata action all up in this post as he, Callejon and Lass are hanging with Mou and training with Real Madrid C.  And apparently, they’re in the midst of rehearsing some sort of Solid Gold-style dance routine if the next photo is to be believed.
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The Daily Drool: Epic Bromance Month – El Pirata/Jailbait!

19 Oct

Sadly, there are not enough pictures of this bromance to suit me but it lives on forever in the heart of fan fic writers everywhere. ::sniffle:: I miss Jailbait! I bet El Pirata does too. BTW, una pointed out that El Pirata has the same shirt that Jailbait is wearing in this picture. So, is it like Sergio/Guti and their closet raiding or just being matchy matchy? Either way, bromance!
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And Now, It’s Time For A Hotness Break

4 Sep

El Pirata, in between practicing and dining out with The Double As, Juan Mata, Callejon and Oscar Ribot, took in the Castilla match. The Real Madrid photogs thought this was newsworthy. I think they just wanted to post some hot El Pirata pictures. Good for them! I love the guy in the background, he’s got his head in his hands like “OMG, I cannot believe how hot he is!”
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Catching Up, Part I: Spain

3 Sep

Oh y’all, I am just bone weary. I looked around the utter mess of my house today, canceled all my plans and got to work cleaning. Sorting, tossing, repurposing – the whole nine yards. I still have a ton to do, but now, I’m kicking back to do a little blogging and sipping some fine caramel-y rum that I brought back from Belize mixed with ginger beer. It makes me feel like I’m vacationing, even if I’ve just been housebound for the bulk of the day. These are just going to be some picspam/video dumps, because I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and I have much to get done tomorrow.
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