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Quick Bits & Bobs: A Day Off, Lots Of Posing, The Thigh Master, Breakfast Music & A Manpile

25 Sep

Super quick post – it’s been a hectic day and now I have to race off to celebrate the birthdays of watishista Dollo & watishisto El Fano.  So excited to see the whole gang!

Los Blancos had the day off and Sergio went into the studio to watch his buds Miguel Poveda and Manuel Carrasco record a duet.  Continue reading

Talk Like El Pirata Day

19 Sep

Since it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, might I suggest an alternative for us RM fans? How’s about Talk Like El Pirata Day?

Are you ready? Okay, let’s go: Bukowski, Ray Bans, Lorca, semiotics, cloves, art, pea coat, Fleet Foxes, Leiva, Kafka, Carver, Russian Red, Moleskine, etc. etc. etc.

To that we should add our own adjectives: hot, perfect, wonderful, true Madridista, charmer, etc. etc. etc.

I miss him.

– Lozil

It’s Official: El Pirata To QPR

30 Aug

And may hellfire rain down upon whomever thought this was a great idea. Damn it all to hell. Arbeloa said it best on Twitter “I wish you the best my friend even though it’s less than you deserve. You don’t know how much we’ll miss you. ARGH. Exactly. Continue reading

Modric Gets Right To Work And Other Bits & Bobs

27 Aug

Modric didn’t waste any time – he got busy immediately.  Poor El Pirata. He looks stunned by a blunt  object in this picture (well in several of them). More midfield competition for him.  Continue reading

A Watishista’s Eye View: Real Madrid Vs. CSKA Moscow Part III

22 Aug

Onward we go to Part III (aka the part with lots of Pirata)! Remember, these are Christine’s personal pictures, so please don’t remove the watermark and link back to the post here if you share these anywhere.  Continue reading

Some Quick Social Networking Bits & Bobs

17 Aug

Iker posted a photo with Doce. He’s making a totally adorkable face, isn’t he? I can’t believe how big Doce has gotten. What a beautiful dog. Continue reading

More Of Yesterday’s Valdebebas Session

17 Aug

Of course, both Real Madrid and Daylife added lots more pictures of training yesterday after I’d gone off for the evening. I attended (along with Shiggers, ginboonmiller and Billina) a reading in the East Village. It was a very good friend of our’s who has a new book coming out in January. She was amazing and of course, we got tipsy and giggly. Me especially, because I didn’t have time for dinner before the reading. I stumbled home, ate some ice cream and called it a night. So you get a double dose of training booty today. Believe it or not, that is Albiol’s arse on the right! He’s giving Pipita a run for his money in the Applebum stakes right there.  Continue reading