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UPDATED: It’s Fretting Time!

13 Feb

BC_w03TCEAAizlkSo yeah, I was going to post something to take our minds of the match, but who am I kidding? I can’t think of anything else and I’m guessing that you can’t either. This poster from @footymemes says it all. Continue reading

Cristiano Already A Legend – Has Goals & Smoking Girlfriend To Prove It

12 Feb

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (11)Thanks for all your kind wishes. I’m doing okay today. My jaw could easily be a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and my corner shop ran out of Cozy Shack pudding thereby proving that the universe hates me but all things considered. It could be much worse. I am way behind in posting due to liberal application of ice packs & attempting to work from home. So I’d best get to the first in a series of posts… Continue reading