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Watishing Into 2019

31 Dec

I honestly thought nothing could top 2017 for sheer fuckery. To that, 2018 said “Hold my beer.” Real Madrid-wise, there were highs (Decimotercera for one thing) and lows (the departures of Zizou and Cristiano, our current confusing form, etc.) but through all of it, we persevere. Continue reading

The Week So Far…

26 Jul

I make a whole big statement about starting to post again and then promptly get felled by an epic bronchial infection that has had me flat on my ass all week. Typical.  Anyhow, I’m slowly starting to come out of it now so I’m going to try again! There’s the bulk of a week to catch up on so I’ll do a drive by. Continue reading

Double Session, A Visitor, An Injury, A Presser

11 Jul

Satellite (10)Let’s be real, it’s kinda hard to talk about anything but Iker right now isn’t it? Well, I guess we could always talk about how another club stalwart, Basti Schweinsteiger, is leaving Bayern Munich for Manchester United. It’s a shit day for fans of one career team players, that’s for sure.

But alas, life back at RM continues to chug on. The team had a double session today before they head off to Melbourne tomorrow to start the pre-season. Continue reading

Monday Training, Diego’s Presentation, Placido’s Spiffy New Hat And More

28 Jan

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (11)This day is the sort of Monday that your mama warned you against. The kind that makes you want to stay in bed and pull the covers back over you, turn off your phone and hide for a month, whimpering. I am NOT having a good day y’all. Thankfully, it looks like Michael Essien is having a better one. The team had their first training before Wednesday’s Clasico. Ugh. What this week sure didn’t need was one of those. Sigh. Continue reading