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Someone Didn’t Get The Memo

19 Feb

DaniWhat we have above is a well executed pre-match encouragement hug between Dani & Zizou. In fact, Double Zed hugged all his players, but one (hilariously) did not get the memo and the reaction was priceless. Continue reading

Arrival At The Bernabeu & Starting XI

17 Jan

Satellite (2)Here’s a brief look at the team’s arrival at the Bernabeu today along with the starting line up. Continue reading

Starting XI And Fan Reception

22 Apr

LET’S DO THIS BLANCOS! Look at the amazing reception the boys got when they arrived at the Bernabeu. Continue reading

Time For Cornellà

2 Dec
Someone's angling for a spot in Epic Bromance Month!

Someone’s angling for a spot in Epic Bromance Month!

The babies are in the hizzy and ready to take on Cornellà. Some surprise starters today… Continue reading

Paint The Town White

4 Nov

Satellite (1)Well, it’s almost time. I could not be more nervous. C’mon Blancos! We can do this! Continue reading

Starting Line Up – Keylor Gets His Shot!

23 Sep

Well, Keylor is finally getting a chance to show his stuff. Continue reading

Ready Or Not, It’s Time For Basel

16 Sep

Satellite (5)The team is at the Bernabeu and ready for action. More arrival pictures and starting lining after the jump. Continue reading

Ready for Action! LET’S BRING IT!

23 Apr

7Phenomenal scenes outside the Bernabeu where thousands of fans gathered to greet the team’s bus. How can the boys fail to get pumped with this welcome? Continue reading

Concentracion, Arrival, Starting Line Up & More

18 Mar
"I know what you've been saying about me and I DON'T APPRECIATE IT."

“I know what you’ve been saying about me and I DON’T APPRECIATE IT.”

Repeat after me: “It’ll grow back. It’ll grow back.” That said, it’s going to look like hot buttered ass while it grows out (as anyone who has ever shaved their head will tell you. I can attest). Continue reading

Stadium Arrival & Starting XI

5 Feb
Winking Arbie, Laughing Xabi

Winking Arbie, Laughing Xabi

The team is at the Bernabeu and the starting XI has been announced.  LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD, BOYS! Continue reading