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Pre-Game Activities

3 Nov
I can levitate the ball purely with the power of my mind.

“I can levitate the ball purely with the power of my mind.”

I wouldn’t put it past him. CR7 can do anything. The boys did some pre-match stretchies and had a general warm up getting ready for today’s match vs. PSG. Continue reading

Are You Ready For Some Derbi Action?

4 Oct

Satellite (2)I’m getting excited for the match – how about you? The players did a little warming up today in preparation for the big game. Continue reading

Are You Ready?

24 May

Satellite (1)Yeah, neither am I, but the big day is upon us! The team did their stretchies atop the hotel and we were treated to more behind the scenes goodies. Continue reading

Stretchin’ As Art

25 Apr

Why is the week before vacation always the busiest at work?! I have a ton of meetings again today. Do they not realize how important a day this is?! I’ll have to make this first post quick and then try to do more updates later. Here’s a nice little report about today’s match in English. Continue reading

Bringin’ It to Bayern & Albiolita At It Again

17 Apr

As the boys head out for the pre-match stretchies, it’s nice to see that some bromances remain intact. Sami & Mesut must be happy to be back home in Germany for a few days. Continue reading

Stretchin’ At Valdebebas

14 Apr

This is a super drive by on my part as I’m off to get a haircut this morning, something I see Mou and Kaka decided to do as well. Looking good! Continue reading

Pre-Valencia Stretchies, Sergio’s Back And Inappropriate Nando-ness

8 Apr

Oh Xabi, you’re so fine! You’re so fine, you blow my mind! Hey Xabi! Our very own GQMF posted Radiohead’s Creep on Twitter as his “Sunday morning tune.” Brilliant song from a brilliant band. Gotta disagree though Xabi, you are so fucking special and you so belong here. But perhaps you’re not feeling sorry for yourself this morning, just taunting El Pirata. If that’s the case, then have at it. I hope it provokes a full angst fit complete with posting of Animal Collective videos and links to esoteric poetry. A girl can dream, right?

This is going to be a mega quick drive by as I have to head off to Easter Brunch in 10 minutes. Continue reading