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Catching Up Before Sociedad

24 Mar

Quite a bit to catch up on since I was slacking yesterday. I left work and had a couple hours to kill before I met JOD & Dollo for dinner. It was a gorgeous day so I walked from my office near Battery Park through Tribeca, over into Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, the East Village and finally, the Lower East Side. I stopped into my fave shops along the way and just enjoyed having the leisure to do things. About a bazillion mojitos later (with great food and even better company), I stumbled home and slept like a log. Bliss! Onto to the footy stuff! Here’s the boys arriving for the closed training yesterday. I see Sergio has gotten himself a new purple jacket and matching purple bag! ::snort:: Ever coordinated, our Sese. Continue reading

Pre-Malaga Stretchies/Sevilla Loves Weiners/Guti Tamed?

18 Mar

Our fine gentlemen left the Mirasierra Suites to do their traditional stretchies pre-match. Everyone looked a bit grumpy, but then again, I pretty much look the same when I’m first up and out. Continue reading

Updated: Bromance Drama/Pre-Match Stretchies/Hipster Taunting

14 Mar

Hey Alvaro, you look a bit lost without your big burly partner in crime now that he’s moved on. Continue reading

Stretchin’ In Sevilla, Pipita’s Dulcet Tones And The Great Hipster Throwdown

10 Mar

Our fine gentlemen did their stretchies this morning at the hotel. It looks like Rui Faria has them doing the Hokey Pokey for a warm up and everyone is checking out Xabi’s form. These boys! Continue reading

Pre-Espanyol Stretchies

4 Mar

Well, at least Arbeloa and Albiol are in close proximity but it certainly doesn’t look cuddly, does it? Looks like Alvaro is in a snit and Xabi is playing peacemaker. (“What on earth did you say to him, Raul?!”  “I don’t know! I was just talking about how popped collars are really douchey and he stormed off!” “Sigh.”) Will these crazy kids ever get it back together? We can only hope. Another divided looking  looking bromance this morning? Sami & Mesut ( I know!) Continue reading

Nice To See Someone Up And At ‘Em This Morning

18 Feb

Good morning, Khedergio! Looking super fine, gentlemen. Me? Not so much. I went to a benefit for an awesome arts organization, Figment, last night and I’m suffering mightily this morning. The punch was deceptively innocent but turned out to be lethal. It was all worth it though – Figment is incredible. If you’re in or near NYC, Detroit, Boston or Jackson, MS, I highly recommend that you check out the link. Figment holds free interactive  and participatory festivals featuring work by emerging artists. Watishista DK is heavily involved in the planning and Figment’s festival in June on Governor’s Island in NYC is always a must see. Since it’s going to be the same weekend as the Brazil-Argentina game this year, perhaps we can organize a watishista field trip! (Maisougio, you should submit a project for Daytwa!) Continue reading