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Here A Douche, There A Douche, Everywhere A Douche Douche…

13 Aug

Sese & Arbie at 1Oak…Old McRamos went out hard, E-I-E-I-O! I cannot stop shaking my head at this. Sergio & Alvaro partied hard at 1OAK in NY on Sunday and this just looks like…OMG, I can’t stop laughing…like a total douchefest. Sergio trying to look all badass, microphone dude looking like he’s wearing a shirt that Sergio designed as a surprise for Iker’s birthday – it’s all so horrible. Arbeloa and the guy in black are the only ones who look vaguely sane. And in between, you’ve got your Triumvirate of Douchebaggery, a veritable Triangle of Epic Suck. I don’t go to clubs anymore as a way to avoid guys like this.  We’ve been laughing hysterically over on Twitter about this picture.


(Photo from diariorealmadrid via GFSports)

– Lozil

St Louis In Blue

10 Aug

tumblr_mrc2de0oQZ1qbiysso1_500I am so sorry I didn’t get to do the catch up posts today. Ended up getting some work dumped on me at the last minute before I left on Friday and I’ve been at it all day. I just don’t have the energy to put anything together. But enjoy this picture of The Baby, Karim & Mesut. G’night!

– Lozil

Playing Catch Up: Real Madrid Arrive & Train In St. Louis

9 Aug
Llegada_a_Saint_Louis (3)

Ooof, The Baby is rocking the Xabi classic cool pose.

The only crappy thing about taking a night off is that it means I have even more to catch up on (and I was already a couple of days behind on stuff).  However, not a lot of time to do that tonight, so expect some big posts over the weekend.

The team arrived last night in St. Louis after a short flight. They’re currently holed up at the Ritz Carlton.  Continue reading

How Can One Choose?

8 Aug

“I see your Blue Steel Bitchface and raise you one Hot GQMF”

Impossible! They’re both perfectly delectable. I’ve got lots of goodies to post from the last few days, but I’ve decided to take the night off. Sometimes, it’s just best to step away from the keyboard and remember that real life exists. So I’m actually going to eat dinner before 10 PM and then kick back and relax. But I couldn’t leave without sharing these fab shots of Xabi & Nando. Continue reading

A Little Socializing

8 Aug

tumblr_mr6l088J0D1so227bo2_1280I spy with my little eye someone whose name starts with “P” behind Santi Cazorla & Mikel Arteta in London. Yep, it’s Pipita proving once again that he has a thing for Spanish guys as he hit the town with Santi, Mikel & Nacho Monreal. Continue reading

Match Post: International Champions Cup Final – Real Madrid Vs. Chelsea

7 Aug

International Champions CupWhoooo! I made it home just in time. Here’s a post for all your thoughts before,during and after. List of streams here. The commentators are already calling this Ronaldo vs. Mourinho. I guess we’ll see, eh? Me? I’m more looking forward to the Sernando. HALA MADRID!

– Lozil

CR7: Livin’ The Dream

7 Aug

Photo by Leila TorresWho among us hasn’t wanted to grab a bit of ‘baller booty? Thanks to the anonymous watishista/o who sent in this picture of Cris grabbing Benz’s badonk in LA. The photo is by Leila Torres (according to the watermark) and comes via her tumblr: staygoldponyboyy  What a great shot and a fun moment to have captured!

– Lozil

Miami Nights

6 Aug
You've got balls, Edith?

You’ve got balls, Edith!

Hi gang, this is going to be super quick. I got home from work late, ate dinner and then got a call telling me that I need to sub for a colleague doing a presentation tomorrow. One that I haven’t yet written, so it’s going to be a late one. Continue reading

Arrival In Miami, Swoonworthy Visitors & Arbie Interview

6 Aug
Llegada_a_Miami (8)

Sese thankfully covered his hair while Iker got a new awkwardly placed murse

Los Blancos arrived night in Miami and Iker has a new bag. I wonder if his Madrid murse is going to get jealous? Lord, that boy is incapable of looking cool while carrying a bag isn’t he? Continue reading

Final Cali Training & Off To Miami!

5 Aug
Entrenamiento (22)

Mmmmm, Sami…

The team held their final training at UCLA today before flying to Miami. They will be arriving at their hotel at 11 PM Eastern.

Has anyone else noticed how regimented the trainings seem to be under Ancelotti? It’s always interested to see how new coaches structure things. Continue reading