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Real Madrid Arrive In Warsaw

16 Aug

Satellite (4)The way the guy in green is looking at Gareth is exactly the way Gareth looks at Cris. You can see the cartoon hearts flying out of his eyes. Continue reading

No Resting On The Laurels, Right Back To Work

14 Aug

Satellite (13)Los Blancos had a recovery session today before they launch into preparing for the final pre-season game vs. Fiorentina on Saturday in Warsaw. Continue reading

First Full Training Of The Pre-Season

5 Aug

Satellite (3)Finally everyone is back home and training together!  Sami, Angel & Marcelo returned from their vacations while newbies Toni & Keylor joined in for the first time. Continue reading

Catching Up With Training In Madrid

4 Aug

Satellite (10)There’s a ton of stuff to catch up on since I was gone for 3 days. It’s going to take me awhile though!

August 1st saw the return of The Baby, Benzema and newbie James to training.  Continue reading

Homeward Bound

3 Aug

Open trainingGreetings from a Ruby Tuesday’s in Detroit Metropolitan Airport! (Such is my life) Wifi was not very good to me this weekend, hence the lack of posts. I’ll be back in New York later today and will try to do some updating at that point. It was an eventful weekend to say the least. Met up with a lot of wonderful people and sat near a whole lot of not so wonderful people but hey, we made history as the part of the largest crowd to ever watch a footy game in the US, so there you have it.

More soon!


Thursday Training And A Little Bit Of Hand Egg

1 Aug

Satellite (18)The boys completed their training at Eastern Michigan University, under the watchful eye of the Mister. Continue reading

Arrival In Ann Arbor, Baby’s On The Way & Cris Solo

31 Jul

The team arrived in Ann Arbor last night with the exception of Fabio who hightailed it back to Madrid as the birth of Baby Coentrao is imminentContinue reading

Another Loss, Another Visitor, Another Training & Another Group Of Fans Behaving Like Complete Arseholes

30 Jul

Satellite (5)So much going on, most of it annoying. Let’s start with something positive though. Cristiano trained alone at the Cotton Bowl yesterday. It’s always good to see him on the pitch. Hoping he’ll be back to 100% soon. Continue reading

Updated: I Guess I Should Just Be Grateful That He Didn’t Give It A Thumbs Up?

29 Jul

Sergio went to visit the site of JFK’s assassination and posed with a huge ass grin. You know, as you do at the site of a murder. SMDH. Continue reading

Deep In The Heart Of Texas & More

29 Jul
Xabi servin' up that ginger beard realness

Xabi servin’ up that ginger beard realness in Dallas

The team is already in Dallas where they will play Roma later today.  This will be the first time they’ve ever played in the Cotton Bowl and they’re gonna debut the pink kits.  Continue reading