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RM In Guangzhou

26 Jul

Satellite (2)The team arrived in Guangzhou yesterday after a 10 hour flight. Continue reading

Start As You Mean To Go On & More

25 Jul

This is the week of drivebys (sorry about that). Los Blancos won the first of hopefully many trophies yesterday after whomping Man City 4-1 in the International Champions Cup Australia. Continue reading

Ready For Manchester City

23 Jul

Satellite (3)Los Blancos finished their final training before facing Manchester City tomorrow. Continue reading

Tuesday In Melbourne

21 Jul

Satellite (3)Another driveby as I’m heading out to meet watishistas Shigs & ForzaSusan for a spot of dinner before the PSG/Fiorentina game tonight. Continue reading

Catching Up With The Team

20 Jul

Satellite (1)It’s been an eventful couple of days. The team lost to Roma on penalties for starters. Next up they face Man City. The team took a boatride on the River Yarra last night on their way to an Adidas-sponsored event. Continue reading

A Full Day In Melbourne

17 Jul

Satellite (8)The team trained today in front of over 10,000 fans at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. Wowsers! I hope watishista backwards was there. If you were, please give us your first hand recap! Continue reading

Training & A Serenade

16 Jul
Satellite (4)

“Listen G-Money, go on a goal scoring rampage and I’ll try to forget about the hair, mmkay?”

Getting home so late from work means RM is already well into their day in Melbourne. So here’s what happened earlier. And by that, I mean earlier in my time zone, as in the 16th of July. 😉 Continue reading

Today’s Training At AAMI Park & More

15 Jul
Oooh, artsy!

Oooh, artsy!

The team trained again today at AAMI Park in preparation for the Saturday’s match vs. AS Roma. Continue reading

Training In Australia

14 Jul
That doesn't look awkward at all!

That doesn’t look awkward at all!

The team had a double training session in AAMI Park combined with gym work. Right down to business! Continue reading

The Team Arrives in Australia

13 Jul

1The team arrived in Australia after a 24 hour flight and a refueling stop in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Continue reading