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10th Session In Montreal, Clip(per) Job & Interviews

23 Jul

_HH21566Thumb,0The team finished their 10th training session of the pre-season in Montreal today.  Continue reading

Thursday Double Session, Hey La La My Boyfriend’s Back & Benzmania

21 Jul

I need to see some goofy Marcelo & Casemiro smiles at the moment because I’m having hives and heart palpitations watching the RNC. Fucking terrifying. So yeah, this is going to be brief so I can go back to hyperventilating and worrying about the future. Continue reading

Wednesday Training & More

20 Jul

_3RM7604Thumb,0The team had their third training session today in Montreal.

Continue reading

Tuesday Training & A Visit From Drogs

19 Jul

_1RM3150Thumb,0The team had their second training session today in Montreal. Continue reading

Arrival in Montreal, Security Drama, Training & More

18 Jul

Satellite (2)Real Madrid arrived in Montreal at about 5 PM local time and caused quite a frenzy. Continue reading

Off to Montreal!

17 Jul
Satellite (6)

Brazilian Bros

The team headed off to Montreal today where they will train through the 26th at the Montreal Impact’s Centre Caserne Letourneux. Continue reading

Pre-Season Kicks Off

16 Jul

SatelliteThe team started back to work today (sans the internationals) and had their medicals. Tomorrow, they fly to Montreal. Continue reading

Catching Up: Training, Fixtures, New Kits and Birthdays!

15 Jul

Satellite (4)Well, the pre-season prep is heating up. Pre-season starts officially tomorrow. Lots to catch up on! Marcelo & Dani were the first to get back to work on Wednesday. Continue reading