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Sorry Bournemouth

25 Jul


What a fine pre-season debut our boys had, six goals and a clean sheet.  When I say “fine”, that goes for the goals scored and the boys who scored them…ba-dum-tish! (That’s the last stupid joke you’ll see in this post, promise…maybe.) We learned today, that one of the fine scorers will no longer be with us, meaning this is the last game post I’ll ever write that features Madridista Pipa. He scored his final goal for RM in Bournemouth. *cries* I will get through this post, I will get through this post.

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Los Blancos Have Arrived in Bournemouth

21 Jul


America’s Next Top Model who? Zizou doesn’t need any Tyra tips to pull off the sexy squint. Work it! Not everyone on the team was blessed with Zizou’s photogenic-ness…in some shots, the Bournemouth sun was the clear winner.

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Merry Pre-Season Eve!

20 Jul

Entrenamiento (2)

Oh pre-season, how we’ve missed you! Peeps, are you ready?! Those tanned & toned legs sure look like they’re ready. I love this time of the season, when everyone’s all mushy, gushy, optimistic, energetic, and damn ready for some footy & a fresh new start. Breathe in the good, breathe out the bad, and visualize lots & lots of goals & trophies.

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