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At Least We Didn’t Draw Bayern, Right?

21 Mar


I said no German teams!!! Is this what I get for voicing my wishes aloud?? Grrr…well, we know it could’ve been worse and now we have the opportunity to exact our revenge on Dortmund for (barely!) knocking us out of the semis last year!

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Real Madrid Preseason 2013: Part I

12 Aug


Wouldn’t it be freakin’ awesome if the universe could clear your schedule when things like preseasons & RM matches come around? I’m still waiting for an app for that. *Sigh* It was a busy month & it was tough for me to keep up with the boys, almost as tough as the position Benz found himself in! Before I forget, I want to wish the Muslim Watishistas Eid Mubarak, I hope all your prayers & fasts were accepted and that you enjoyed the holiday. Now, I’ve compiled all the goodies from each match and they’re ready for viewing. Here comes part I of the massive preseason recap!

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