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Bye, Bye, Bayamon

16 Aug

Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion. Let it NOT sink back in the ocean. Ok I’ll be up front about this, I was hoping Puerto Rico would score at least one goal – I ain’t looking to be accused of being a bad Puerto Rican – and they did! See? You can love your team and their opponent once in a while. La Roja still came away with the win, big surprise, and all is good. Santi Cazorla & Cescy scored with a one-two punch of goals late in the 1st half and Marc Cintron came away looking like a hero! Continue reading

Updated: International Duty Time

14 Aug

International duty time is upon us again and right before the Liga’s first game. These guys must be exhausted! 14 members of the first team have been called up to represent their countries. First up, Spain… Continue reading