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The FInal Final Pre-Sevilla Session & Happy Papi’s Day

19 Mar

Satellite (7)Okay, the mothership was full of shit yesterday. Today was the final training session. Sigh. Continue reading

While You’re Waiting For The Match To Start…

17 Feb

…have a mishmash of puppies, babies and selfies and not necessarily in that order. Continue reading

Welcome To The World Kennady Rose Holden!

2 Feb

Congratulations to one of my favorite footy couples Stu Holden & Karalyn West Holden on the birth of their first child, Kennady Rose. Big “brother” Toby must be delighted. Did you see the adorable way he announced his impending sibling? Continue reading

Pup-ita And More Napoli Action

27 Oct

12190921_10207735438533480_8625969381020248957_nWatishista/Napoli fan extraordinaire Maria Rosaria sent me this fanstastic shot of Pipita snuggling the adorable puppy of teammate Dries Mertens. Not sure who is cuter, tbh.  Continue reading

Erm, Arsenal? Please Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs

31 May

Mazel tov to Arsenal for winning the FA Cup again, but oh lordy, this sets the Cringe-O-Meter to overload. That said, Per, Ramsey & Koscielny certainly are game. Bless. (It’s still not as bad as that wretched NYC FC song) Oh and Mesut? One thing I need to say to you… Continue reading

In The Doghouse

3 Apr

Okay, now he’s just taking the piss.  Yesterday I was ranting about Poldi making a lady hat. And now he’s gone and put a lady hat on his lady dog. ::headdesk::

I give up.

– Lozil

Some Social Media Distraction

1 Oct

This is a fly-by post, as there’s so much to update that I don’t think I can back track that far. I’m also taking a break from writing a paper on Norse mythology while my roommate plays Destiny. He’s killing aliens and I’m writing about Thor. This really is Avenger Tower… Continue reading

Getting Ready For The Super Copa & Douchey Is As Douchey Does

18 Aug

Satellite (1)Los Good n’ Plenties trained today to get ready for Leg One of the Spanish Super Copa.  The Baby, Cris, Benz & Angel rejoined the group. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Football: The Furry, the Aquatic Clairvoyants, and the Ox

12 Jun

In honor of Paul, the German octopus, who correctly predicted Spain as the winner of the 2010 World Cup before moving on to that giant aquarium in the sky, we thought we should take a moment to honor those other animal football fans. Continue reading

They Call Him The Demon Dog*

26 Apr

Well, this puppy is obviously a Madridista and no matter what the video title says, that dog doesn’t “love” Lionel Messi. When you mention Messi or Busquets’ names, he growls and shows his teeth. Gotta admit it cracked me up. I’m guessing that even Cule dogs would growl at Busquets. Honestly, is there anyone out there who likes Biscuits besides Del Bosque? I am bummed that the doggie didn’t react in some way to Cris & Sese’s names. A vigorous tail wag  or say,  happily fetching  a bedazzled dog toy & then dropping it would have been a nice nod to our boys.  Anyhow, saw this on Deadspin.

– Lozil

*Post title, of course, a nod to Mr. David Bowie.